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Gazette opinion: Oil spill underscores infrastructure, public safety needs

Gazette opinion: Oil spill underscores infrastructure, public safety needs

Neither technology nor electronic communications alerted community members to the two most recent major oil spills into the Yellowstone River. No, it was the smell:

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George F. Will: Read up on historical climate changes

WASHINGTON — We know, because they often say so, that those who think catastrophic global warming is probable and perhaps imminent are exemplary empiricists. They say those who disagree with them are "climate change deniers" disrespectful of science.

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Guest opinion: Global warming makes firefighting more dangerous

As former Montana smokejumpers we are increasingly alarmed by the severity, size, and expense of wildfires. The weather this year in Montana might give false hope to those who think weather and climate are the same. But climate is about trends and scientists say that those trends are proving…

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Construction Zone: Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration completes renovation

Construction Zone: Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration completes renovation

Willy Johnson and his wife, Julie, are pressure cookers.

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Guest opinion: Western fires burning through $3 billion annually

The West’s wildfire season holds the high risk of again being long, expensive, and dangerous, with an acceleration of alarming trends that include more and bigger fires, and increased dangers and costs associated with the need to defend private homes. Unfortunately, what we have tried so far…

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Guest opinion: BNSF works with local officials for public safety

At BNSF Railway, we take public safety seriously and understand that communities want to know what materials may be moving through their towns in order to ensure that adequate precautions can be taken. That’s why BNSF has long provided detailed information about all hazardous material shipme…

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Fire at Stillwater Mine prompts evacuation, but no injuries

A spokesman for the Stillwater Mine near Nye said a fire in old timbers prompted an evacuation but no injuries.

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Historic Butte warehouse collapses

Historic Butte warehouse collapses

BUTTE − A historic warehouse building on South Wyoming Street collapsed early Saturday morning. The cause for the collapse is not yet known.

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Glendive Medical Center receives $287,469 grant to improve emergency access

The Glendive Medical Center has received a $287,469 grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The money will be used to buy equipment that connects rural patients to emergency specialists through Avera Health in Sioux Falls, S.D.

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Ups and Downs:


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'Pioneers' plow path to Glacier Park's Logan Pass as debris is cleared below

'Pioneers' plow path to Glacier Park's Logan Pass as debris is cleared below

GOING-TO-THE-SUN-ROAD – Up ahead, beneath Mount Clements on a sun-splashed Friday, Herb Ferguson is making his first run over previously untouched snow with his plow.

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Gazette opinion: Beauty and carnage in Paradise Valley

Gazette opinion: Beauty and carnage in Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is where buffalo roam and the deer and antelope play. As the only year-round route into Yellowstone National Park, Highway 89 is used by more than a million park visitors annually. Anglers and boaters are drawn to fishing access sites along the Yellowstone River that Highway …

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Red Cross responds to Sage Tower Fire

Red Cross responds to Sage Tower Fire

Six residents of the Sage Tower Retirement Apartments were unable to return home after a second-floor apartment went up in flames early Wednesday morning, causing smoke and water damage to the floors on which they live.

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CHS Inc. fined $211K for violations at Montana grain facilities

A Minnesota-based agriculture company was fined $211,000 by federal safety regulators who said Wednesday it had repeatedly failed to ensure workers weren’t exposed to grain-dust hazards in Montana.

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FEMA to evaluate March flooding in Montana

Teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be arriving in Montana on Sunday to begin assessing damage statewide from flooding in early March.

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Public meetings to focus on nursing education in Montana

The Montana Center to Advance Health through Nursing and Montana State University’s Office of Rural Health will host a series of open meetings in April to discuss the future of nursing education in Montana.

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Woman dies in Townsend wreck late Friday night

A 35-year-old Livingston woman died Friday night after rolling her vehicle on U.S. Highway 287 near mile marker 99. 

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Boy on bike suffers concussion, abrasions after being hit by a car Tuesday

Boy on bike suffers concussion, abrasions after being hit by a car Tuesday

The Billings Police Department is no longer investigating a crash Tuesday that sent a 9-year-old boy who was riding his bike to St. Vincent Healthcare.

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Man buried by avalanche, sustains significant injuries

An avalanche buried a 28-year-old man Saturday in the area between Mount Abundance and Wolverine Peak in Park County, leaving him with significant injuries, according to a news release.

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Gazette opinion: The sober route to safer Montana roads

This winter has plagued Montanans with terrible driving conditions. Record amounts of snow dumped atop frozen rain turned streets into slip-and-slide zones.

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