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Ellie Hill

Missoula Rep. Hill looks to repeal part of 'castle doctrine'

Missoula Rep. Hill looks to repeal part of 'castle doctrine'

MISSOULA — Sunday’s shooting of an unarmed teenager in a Missoula man’s garage has ignited a firestorm over Montana’s self-defense laws, specifically the state’s so-called “castle doctrine.”

May 01, 2014 6:43 am Photos


Montana Legislators OK bill giving domestic violence victims choice for mediation

Montana Legislators OK bill giving domestic violence victims choice for mediation

MISSOULA — A bill approved by the Montana Legislature gives victims of domestic violence – both physical and emotional – the power to choose whether they want mediation in family law cases.

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Republicans on House panel vote to kill  Medicaid expansion bills

Republicans on House panel vote to kill Medicaid expansion bills

HELENA — Republicans on a pair of legislative committees voted Wednesday evening to kill proposals to expand Medicaid, which would provide health coverage for 70,000 uninsured, low-income Montanans starting next year.

March 27, 2013 5:56 pm Photos


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Representative Ellie Hill

Representative Ellie Hill

Representative Ellie Hill, the sponsor of HB235, spoke to Montana sportsmen after the bill was voted down recieving only 45 or the 60 votes needed to pass.

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Ellie Hill

Ellie Hill

Rep. Ellie Hill of Missoula asks a question Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 in Helena during legislative committee discussion on a proposal to expand the state's parental notification law for abortions. 

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Sporting groups to rally as Missoula legislator tries to blast land access bill

BUTTE — A coalition of sporting groups from throughout the state is heading to Helena en masse Monday to rally for a bill that would allow access for corner crossings.

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Proposed legislation would remove PSC authority over taxi companies

MISSOULA — Taxi companies won’t answer to the Montana Public Service Commission if a bill being drafted in Helena ends up on the books.

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Rep. Ellie Hill, D-Missoula

Rep. Ellie Hill, D-Missoula


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Montana delegates attending Democratic National Convention this week

HELENA — Nearly three dozen Montana delegates and Democratic state officials are attending this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., including state Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, who’s addressing the convention on Wednesday. Juneau, running for re-e…

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GOP primary voters favoring return of past leaders

HELENA — Former House Speaker Scott Sales of Bozeman cleared his Republican primary, paving the way for his return to the Legislature, but the GOP's legislative incumbents faced mixed results after Tuesday's vote.

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Legislature releases names of lawmakers accepting state health benefits, subsidies

HELENA — Legislative officials agreed Friday to a Gazette State Bureau request to release the names of all legislators accepting health insurance benefits from the state, revealing that all but seven of the 150 lawmakers chose to receive the health benefits, worth up to $733 a month.

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Senate hears bill to overturn Missoula's gay-rights policy

HELENA — A crowd of people, many from Missoula, showed up Monday to oppose a bill that would nullify the city's 2010 ordinance that protects residents from discrimination because of their sexual orientation, gender and gender expression.

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Panel hears bill to override Missoula marijuana law enforcement initiative

HELENA — Law enforcement officials on Thursday supported a bill to overturn Missoula County's 2006 initiative that declared marijuana to be local law enforcement's lowest priority.

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House panel OKs ultrasound-before-abortion bill

HELENA — Women seeking abortions would be required to first undergo an ultrasound under a bill approved by the House Judiciary Committee Friday on a party-line vote.

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House panel endorses repeal of medical marijuana law

HELENA — The House Human Services Committee voted 10-5 Friday to repeal Montana's 2004 voter-passed bill legalizing the use of medical marijuana.

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