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Energy In The United States

Guest opinion: NWE dam plan will generate benefits for Montanans

September will be an historic month when our state’s regulatory body, the Public Service Commission, determines whether Montana’s hydro generating dams will pass from Pennsylvania Power and Light to NorthWestern Energy, and be dedicated to serve Montana customers at prices based on cost.

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Daines, coal stakeholders alarmed by new Washington state pollution laws

Daines, coal stakeholders alarmed by new Washington state pollution laws

A Washington state ban on electricity from coal-fired power plants would be an economy killer for Montana, U.S. Rep. Steve Daines, R-Mont., said Monday.

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Guest opinion: Dam purchase makes good sense for NWE's Montana customers

I am a lifelong Montanan, was a state representative from Bozeman for 16 years, and reside in Clyde Park. I have had the honor and challenge of serving on the board of directors of NorthWestern Energy for the past five years.

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Gazette opinion: Elementary lessons in energy savings

Lew Anderson is a weather watcher. By the middle of last week, the Billings school district’s facilities director had determined that subzero weekend forecasts necessitated heating school buildings Sunday and Monday nights as if they were occupied to prevent pipes from freezing. Most of our …

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Guest opinion: Don't scrap EPA’s wise carbon-reducing mileage mandate

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The idea that Congress should scrap the EPA’s vehicle mileage standards to promote consumer choice in the marketplace is not just wrongheaded, it poses a false dichotomy. There is no incompatibility between having high mileage standards and giving buyers plenty of choice.

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NorthWestern files application for $900M dam buy

HELENA — The Public Service Commission says NorthWestern Energy has filed a formal application for its proposed purchase of 11 hydroelectric dams from PPL Montana for $900 million.

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Guest opinion: Dam good plan: Hydro will diversify NWE energy portfolio

You’ve heard the news. At NorthWestern Energy, we’re bringing hydro back!

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Guest opinion: For a cleaner planet, focus on ‘green’ energy

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Recent job growth numbers suggest that the U.S. economy is finally pulling out of its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But with unemployment at nearly 8 percent, plenty of Americans are still hurting.

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Guest opinion: Federal subsidies transfer wealth from taxpayers to oil drillers

Nearly every month over the past three years, oil production from North Dakota's Bakken shale set a new record. Today, companies are extracting more than half a million barrels daily, surpassing California as the third-largest oil-producing state behind Alaska and Texas.

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Guest opinion: Don't credit government aid for energy production

President Obama has been on a kick to promote natural gas production. Unfortunately, he seems to think the key to doing this is more government involvement.

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New flurry of activity hits old Central Montana oilfield

New flurry of activity hits old Central Montana oilfield

JORDAN — Talk of a "mini Bakken" beneath this windswept plain has the 350 people of Jordan talking big.

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Petroleum and environmental at odds over federal oil, gas regulation

CHEYENNE, Wyo.  - Petroleum and environmental groups are at odds over what's getting in the way of more drilling for oil and natural gas in the West: too much government regulation or the petroleum industry's own speculative practices.

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Energy producers sue Interior Department over leases

CASPER — A group of energy producers has filed a brief in federal court, claiming the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management are violating a congressional mandate to issue oil and gas leases within 60 days of purchase.

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Oil speculation yields another Wyoming lease record

CHEYENNE — Widespread industry excitement about a possible oil play in eastern Wyoming has resulted in another record state lease sale, this one bringing in $49 million.

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