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The daffodils that are already stretching toward the lengthening days are the result of last fall's extra efforts.

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Most hail is between the size of a pea and a dime. The National Weather service considers hail that is quarter-sized or larger to be "severe."

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Unfinished and ready for assembly, the footwear pieces arrive at the factory in Portland, Ore. Machines and human hands work together to forge…

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A pair of KEEN boots built in Portland, Ore.

BIOM Chiappo sandals

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It must have been a stinky task, but in 2010 a research lab in Germany intricately scanned the feet of 2,500 athletes. The project, funded by…

Lite 1.1 shoes


Whenever a business has been around for more than a century, it must be doing something right. Doug MacPherson’s great-grandfather, George Mac…

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Take a hike. Toss your shoes in the woods at the end.

With the tap, tap, tap of his aged hammer against leather, Marvin Maust works as he has for half a century, as his father did before him.


Designed to be one of the most minimal sport sandals ever made, the Zilch from Teva is flexible enough to fold in half. A thin sole, a footbed…


Of all the strange and unlikely athletic trends of the 21st century there are none, in my book, nearly as strange or unlikely as shoes with to…


In the past few years, a trend of super-sizing sports equipment like tennis racquets, golf clubs and downhill skis has caught on with consumer…


The twice-annual Outdoor Retailer trade show, held in Salt Lake City, is an exhibition of to-be-released outdoors equipment from manufacturers…

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Here are tips from emergency officials and doctors to help you stay on your feet:

More than any season, winter demands good gear. Keeping comfortable while staying active in the cold months is a challenge, as is staying upri…