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Fred Thomas

Legislative Republicans' Medicaid plan would not accept federal cash

Legislative Republicans' Medicaid plan would not accept federal cash

HELENA — Legislative Republicans Wednesday unveiled their proposals to expand health coverage for low-income Montanans — but it does not include accepting new federal money that would cover 70,000 additional people.

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Gazette opinion: What’s on Legislature’s agenda for 2015?

The start of the 2015 Montana Legislature is more than nine months and two elections away, but the list of potential legislation is already 76 bills long.

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GOP opponents of Medicaid-expansion measure say it should still be disqualified

HELENA — Republican critics of a proposed ballot measure to expand Medicaid coverage in Montana said Thursday it should be disqualified — even if supporters made a language fix suggested by Attorney General Tim Fox.

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Taxpayers Association meets Dec. 5

HELENA — Speakers will discuss health care, oil-and-gas drilling, public pensions and state finances at the 92nd annual meeting of the Montana Taxpayers Association on Dec. 5 in Helena.

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Guest opinion: Coal exports will boost Montana economy

When it comes to developing our energy resources, Montanans have grown accustomed to the federal government getting in the way. But as coal development projects in the state move forward, the latest roadblock is coming from right here in Montana. On a recent visit to the Crow Nation, we lear…

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Most referendum measures find approval

Most referendum measures find approval

HELENA — The Senate and House endorsed all but one of the referendums before them Thursday, but not without some controversy.

April 04, 2013 8:47 pm Photos


GOP lawmakers drop in late referendum bills

GOP lawmakers drop in late referendum bills

HELENA — At the 11th hour of this legislative session, some Republican lawmakers are dropping in referendums to put controversial issues directly before voters and bypass possible vetoes by Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock.

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GOP Senate group working on private health insurance solution for poor Montanans

GOP Senate group working on private health insurance solution for poor Montanans

HELENA — A small group of Republican senators is working on a plan that would help poor, uninsured Montanans buy private health insurance at very little cost, starting next year.

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Gazette opinion: Time grows short for child abuse legislation

Last year, Montana’s Child and Family Service Division completed 8,060 investigations of child abuse and neglect reports involving 11,835 children. Abuse or neglect was substantiated in 2,037 investigations, including:

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Panel kills tax bills to help lower-income people

HELENA — The Republican-controlled Senate Taxation Committee on Tuesday rejected three Democratic bills aimed at helping low- and moderate-income Montanans.

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Montana Senate supports bear-hunting measure

Montana Senate supports bear-hunting measure

HELENA — The Senate is backing a bill that reduces from five days to 24 hours the time hunters have to wait after purchasing a license to hunt black bears.

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Bill allows mediation on property value disputes

Bill allows mediation on property value disputes

HELENA — Representatives of a number of Montana industries backed a bill Tuesday to allow property owners to go to mediation if they dispute the state Revenue Department’s assessed valuation of their property.

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Discounted licenses cost FWP $4 million

Discounted licenses cost FWP $4 million

If you are old, young, a veteran, former Montana resident or handicapped, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has a deal for you.

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Guest opinion: Let's resolve to strengthen child protection laws in 2013

In recent years, stories of horrific child abuse in Montana have become all too frequent: children violently killed by their parents or other adult caregivers; infants and toddlers suffering broken bones; children molested by adults; children exposed to meth distribution and production, and …

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Sen. Fred Thomas, R-Stevenville

Sen. Fred Thomas, R-Stevenville


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GOP primary voters favoring return of past leaders

HELENA — Former House Speaker Scott Sales of Bozeman cleared his Republican primary, paving the way for his return to the Legislature, but the GOP's legislative incumbents faced mixed results after Tuesday's vote.

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Candidates spending big money on legislative primary battles

HELENA — The state’s most expensive legislative primary battles this spring are in Polson and the Flathead Valley, with one featuring two Republican incumbents and the other a leading Republican lawmaker trying to fend off a challenge from the right.

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