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General Motors

Fichtner Chevrolet sells to Rimrock Auto Group

Fichtner Chevrolet sells to Rimrock Auto Group

LAUREL — In 1961, 21-year-old Leonard Fichtner became the youngest General Motors franchise owner in history after acquiring the family business from his father. As far as he knows, there has never been a younger GM dealer.

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Soaring confidence of small-business owners gives boost to van sales

To deliver bouquets around Washington, D.C., Karin’s Florist has two big vans, two small ones and a boxy little wagon that’s clinging to life.

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Rimrock Auto Group's new GMC Cadillac store already attracting new customers

Rimrock Auto Group's new GMC Cadillac store already attracting new customers

Billings auto dealer Steve Zabawa believes that Rimrock Auto Group’s new GMC Cadillac store on Shiloh Road is the best location in Billings.

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Full redesign: 2015 GMC Yukon will remain a go-to choice for a large, traditional SUV that can tow heavy loads and haul large families

Full redesign: 2015 GMC Yukon will remain a go-to choice for a large, traditional SUV that can tow heavy loads and haul large families

The GMC Yukon gets updated powertrains, new fold-flat rear seats and a trimmer new look for the 2015 model year, following a year after the truck brand’s complete renovation of its Sierra 1500 pickup truck.

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GM to stop making cars in Australia by 2017

CANBERRA, Australia — General Motors Co. says it will stop making cars and engines in Australia by the end of 2017, with nearly 2,900 jobs to be lost, because of high production costs and competition.

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Guest opinion: Outmoded mileage tests badly shortchange consumers

EDGEWATER, Md. — Of all the rules set forth by the federal government to regulate the U.S. auto industry — and there are thousands — none is more frustrating to consumers and car companies alike than the EPA’s requirement that fuel economy be posted on new-car stickers.

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A new direction at Dana Motors: Dealership's focus is late-model European, Japanese luxury cars

A new direction at Dana Motors: Dealership's focus is late-model European, Japanese luxury cars

It didn’t take Del McCormick long to realize that he would have to change gears and alter his business plan in order to stay in business after the Swedish automaker Saab stopped making cars and went into bankruptcy in 2011.

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Robert J. Samuelson: Myths of post-industrial America

WASHINGTON -- We live in a post-industrial age, defined more by Google than by General Motors. The term "post-industrial society" was first popularized by the sociologist Daniel Bell (1919-2011) in a 1973 book, and the change has generally been a boon. The transition from factory to office h…

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Lutheran church to build new Heights home

Lutheran church to build new Heights home

Atonement Lutheran Church is about to start work on a new church two miles west of its current church at Wicks Lane and Lake Elmo Road. The construction site is just west of Harvest Church between the dog park and little white church that was moved to Billings in 2006 from Box Elder and rest…

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Strategies for Success: Cadillac owner's plight teaches a valuable lesson

A business owner told me a story the other day that I found amazing. He had just bought a new 2012 Cadillac. He had not owned a Cadillac before and was excited and happy to have his new car. With new Cadillacs, General Motors provides 24-hour roadside assistance. The one thing that is not co…

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Montana-Dakota Utilities eyes natural gas conversions

Montana-Dakota Utilities eyes natural gas conversions

The new region director for Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. wants to keep his 75 employees safe and convince more customers to save money by switching to natural gas.

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George Will: Romney waffling, straddling on too many issues

WASHINGTON — The Republican presidential dynamic — various candidates rise and recede; Mitt Romney remains at about 25 percent support — is peculiar because conservatives correctly believe it is important to defeat Barack Obama but unimportant that Romney be president. This is not cognitive …

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Same skin, new bones

Decades ago, passenger cars were redesigned or retouched every year or two, and trucks evolved at a glacial pace.

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Slayer joins Lithia Chrysler

Slayer joins Lithia Chrysler

Dean Sayler has joined the service department team at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Billings, 2229 King Ave. W. Sayler has been a top performing service advisor for 11 years in the Billings community.

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Lewistown dealer regains GM franchise

GREAT FALLS - A Lewistown auto dealer has won a yearlong battle to reinstate his General Motors franchise agreement.

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Stillwater recovers from loss of GM

A southern Montana mining company that warned of possible layoffs after the cancellation of its General Motors contract says higher prices for platinum and palladium have made up for the loss of the automaker.

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GM won’t reconsider canceled contract with Stillwater Mining

Stillwater Mining Co. officials said Tuesday that renewed talks with General Motors haven't led the automaker to reconsider its canceled supply contract with the mine.

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Gazette Opinion: GM should do what’s right for SMC and America

When the Stillwater Mining Co. CEO sits down Thursday in Detroit to talk palladium purchases with a vice president of General Motors, the two businessmen will have the attention of people all across Montana.

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GM, Stillwater Mine to resume talks

HELENA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer announced this morning that General Motors, now owned mostly by the U.S. government, has resumed talks with Montana's Stillwater Mining Co. about buying rare metals from the mine necessary for auto manufacturing.

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Rehberg seeks hearing on cancelled GM contract

A Montana congressman wants a hearing into General Motors Co.'s continued use of foreign precious metals suppliers after canceling a contract with a Montana company.

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