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E.J. Dionne: Democrats tout new health care benefits, not Obamacare

WASHINGTON — The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be a slam dunk issue for the Republicans in this fall’s elections. Karl Rove told us so in April, writing that “Obamacare is and will remain a political problem for Democrats.”

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Women launch line of stylish concealed-carry handbags

Women launch line of stylish concealed-carry handbags

Faith Kohler wears skinny jeans, ankle boots, chunky bracelets and cropped jackets. She wasn’t about to settle for a handbag that didn’t fit her style.

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Obamacare hit by ruling, but subsidies to continue

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court delivered a potentially serious setback to President Barack Obama's health care law Tuesday, imperiling billions of dollars in subsidies for many low- and middle-income people who bought policies.

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Train crashes trigger campaign to shape railroad safety rules

Train crashes trigger campaign to shape railroad safety rules

WASHINGTON — A string of fiery train derailments across the country has triggered a high-stakes but behind-the-scenes campaign to shape how the government responds to calls for tighter safety rules.

July 14, 2014 11:33 am Photos


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Robert J. Samuelson: Highway Trust spending will shrink 30% if Congress does nothing

WASHINGTON — It's time for a primer on the Highway Trust Fund, which looms as the next battle in Congress' unending budget wars.

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4 in 10 higher risk wells aren't inspected by feds

4 in 10 higher risk wells aren't inspected by feds

NEW CASTLE, Colo. — Four in 10 new oil and gas wells near national forests and fragile watersheds or otherwise identified as higher pollution risks escape federal inspection, unchecked by an agency struggling to keep pace with America’s drilling boom, according to an Associated Press review …

June 14, 2014 11:01 pm Photos


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Increasing Bakken oil trains prompt concern farther West

Increasing Bakken oil trains prompt concern farther West

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Residents along the scenic Columbia River are hoping to persuade regulators to reject plans for what would be the Pacific Northwest’s largest crude oil train terminal — the proposed destination for at least four trains a day, each more than a mile long.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: State control: Georgia gun supremacists' folly

WASHINGTON — Have we gone stark raving mad?

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George F. Will: Heavy hand of IRS hits Detroit shop keepers

FLINT, Mich. — Earnest moralists lament Americans’ distrust of government. What really is regrettable is that government does much to earn distrust, as Terry Dehko, 70, and his daughter Sandy Thomas, 41, understand.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Stakes in ACA debate higher than health care

WASHINGTON — You never get a second chance to make a first impression. But at the end of this month, the new health care law will get a third chance to make a decent impression — finally.

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Guest opinion: EPA rule hobbles economy, hurts consumer choice

FLINT, Mich. — At a time when many people have put off buying a new car until the economy improves, the last thing we need is a stringent government regulation on fuel efficiency that will raise the cost of vehicles and make matters even more difficult for consumers.

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Guest opinion: Don't scrap EPA’s wise carbon-reducing mileage mandate

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The idea that Congress should scrap the EPA’s vehicle mileage standards to promote consumer choice in the marketplace is not just wrongheaded, it poses a false dichotomy. There is no incompatibility between having high mileage standards and giving buyers plenty of choice.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Must the Obamacare debate be stupid?

WASHINGTON — One of the best arguments for health-insurance reform is that our traditional employer-based system often locked people into jobs they wanted to leave but couldn’t because they feared they wouldn’t be able to get affordable coverage elsewhere.

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More oil spilled from trains in 2013 than in previous 4 decades, federal data show

More oil spilled from trains in 2013 than in previous 4 decades, federal data show

WASHINGTON — More crude oil was spilled in U.S. rail incidents last year than was spilled in the nearly four decades since the federal government began collecting data on such spills, an analysis of the data shows.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Marijuana injustices: Some penalized while others smoke free

WASHINGTON — I have no desire to smoke marijuana, partly because doing so might drive me back to the cigarette habit I broke two decades ago. I don’t want to be one of those “cool parents” who pretend to be as culturally advanced as their kids. In my case, that’s a ridiculous aspiration anyway.

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Robert J. Samuelson: Will U.S. health costs continue slowing?

WASHINGTON — Call it the $2.8 trillion enigma. That’s what Americans spent on health care in 2012. The good news is that health spending slowed unexpectedly for the fourth consecutive year. The enigma is that no one really knows why. Despite many theories, there’s no expert consensus.

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Guest opinion: Legal tactic ensures EPA fulfills its mission

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — “Sue and settle” is the ominous phrase that has been attached to cases where an environmental organization sues a federal agency, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and then settles the matter without going through a full-blown trial.

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Guest opinion: ‘sue and settle’ bypasses democratic process

WASHINGTON — When legislation was passed to improve visibility in federal National Parks and wilderness areas, Congress directed the states to decide how to implement their visibility programs.

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Robert J. Samuelson: Many ways to lose your health insurance under ACA

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's broken promise about people being able to keep their existing health insurance is much larger than we've been led to believe. Until now, attention has focused on the individual insurance market: people buying coverage for themselves and their families fr…

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: A nuclear end to Senate's era of denial

WASHINGTON — Those who lament the Senate Democrats’ vote to end filibusters for presidential nominations say the move will escalate partisan warfare and destroy what comity is left in Congress. Some also charge hypocrisy, since Democrats once opposed the very step they took last week.

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