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Healthy Montana Kids

Whatever happened to CHIP expansion? It succeeded – but is really the Medicaid expansion

Whatever happened to CHIP expansion? It succeeded – but is really the Medicaid expansion

HELENA — While the debate rages over whether Montana should expand Medicaid to cover low-income adults, a dramatic expansion of Medicaid and a related government health plan has already happened — to cover children.

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State health insurance program for kids quietly succeeds

State health insurance program for kids quietly succeeds

HELENA — As the debate rages over national health care reform, a Montana program has slowly and quietly marched toward its own goal: Extending health coverage to thousands of kids without it.

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Birth control coverage ban ruled unconstitutional

Birth control coverage ban ruled unconstitutional

HELENA — A Helena district judge has declared unconstitutional the state’s ban on prescription birth control coverage for teenage girls covered under the state’s health insurance program for low-income people.

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Judge hears arguments on birth control coverage

HELENA - Montana's refusal to provide birth control coverage for teenage girls enrolled in the state's low-income health insurance program violates their constitutional rights, an attorney for Planned Parenthood of Montana told a judge Thursday.

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Schweitzer vetoes changes to kids' health insurance

HELENA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer said Monday that he is striking down a Republican budget bill that was aimed at restricting a popular children's health insurance program.

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Guest opinion: Majority fails to deliver lean, responsible state budget

My favorite cowboy, Gene Autry, lived by a code. In Autry’s code, a cowboy would “be gentle with children, the elderly, and animals; help people in distress; respect women, parents and his nation’s laws; and never go back on trust confided in him.”

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Gazette opinion: Lawmakers should follow voters' health directives

Sixty-five percent of Montana voters passed a law to establish an ongoing, comprehensive tobacco-use-prevention program in our state. Two years later, the overwhelming majority of Montana voters told state government to increase state tobacco taxes and use proceeds to create a program to hel…

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Healthy Montana Kids program gets trimmed to fund Medicaid hole

HELENA — Healthy Montana Kids, the voter-approved government health insurance program for children, had its budget trimmed Friday as Republican lawmakers voted to shift some of its funds to another health program.

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Medicaid spending ups state budget

Editor's note: This is the third of a three-day series examining Gov. Brian Schweitzer's proposed budget for the next two years.

November 26, 2010 4:00 pmLoading…
Gazette opinion: Healthy initiative provides kids safety net in recession

Gazette opinion: Healthy initiative provides kids safety net in recession

Montana voters helped insure the state’s children against some of the worst effects of the Great Recession. As a result, while health care costs and unemployment rates have risen, the number of children covered by state health programs has increased.

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Kids’ health care sign-ups move slowly

HELENA — Enrollment for Montana’s expanded children’s health insurance plan continues to inch upward but is still far short of the 30,000 additional kids that supporters hoped for by year’s end, the latest numbers show.

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Legislators: Push hard on health enrollment

HELENA — The state’s new expanded health insurance plan for children is gaining enrollment, but key lawmakers on Tuesday urged health officials to push harder on signing up eligible kids.

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Groups trying to help people qualify for expanded kids’ health-insurance program

HELENA — As the signup proceeds for the health insurance plan Healthy Montana Kids, a network of groups is trying to help eligible families qualify their kids for the program.

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Health reform may set up 2013 funding fight for Montana program for kids

HELENA — The federal health reform bill won’t immediately affect Montana’s newly expanded children’s health insurance program, but it’s likely to set up a political battle over future funding of the program, advocates of the Montana program say.

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Healthy Montana Kids Plan

Healthy Montana Kids Plan

Anna Whiting Sorrell, director of the state Department of Public Health and Human Services, announces Healthy Montana Kids Plan at RiverStone Health Clinic.

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Applications pouring in for kids’ health coverage

Applications pouring in for kids’ health coverage

Applications are pouring in for a new program that will extend health insurance to as many as 29,000 Montana children, and the program hasn't even started yet.

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State looks to give kids health coverage

HELENA - State health officials Wednesday said they've launched a full-court press to sign up as many as 29,000 uninsured Montana children for government-funded health coverage under the voter-approved Healthy Montana Kids program.

September 23, 2009 11:30 pmLoading…

GOP lawmakers fail to hear public's mandate

Let me see if I get this - now it's appropriate for Republican leaders to ask us, the public, for input and comment on choosing members to the Districting and Apportionment Commission (Gazette, April 7) and yet the very same Republican leaders say we - the public - didn't know what we were d…

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