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Immigration Reform

Documentary film to screen Friday at MSUB

Documentary film to screen Friday at MSUB

The documentary film “Documented,” which tells the story of Jose Antonio Vargas, is being shown free on Friday at Petro Theater at MSU Billings.

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Speaker to share up-close views of immigrant woes

Speaker to share up-close views of immigrant woes

Every day, Scott Nicholson sees the impact that U.S. immigration and economic policies have on the people he works with.

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Prayer vigils today to encourage Daines to act on immigration reform

Prayer vigils are planned for 5 p.m. Monday in Billings, Bozeman and Helena to encourage Rep. Steve Daines, R-Mont., to act on immigration reform.

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Guest opinion: Immigration reform will benefit Montana

The way America treats immigrants has affected my life in many ways and has led me to one clear conclusion: Our system is broken and must be changed. Humane, new immigration laws would be a blessing to Montana and our nation.

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Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts: Welcome immigrants: Advice from conservative religious leaders

Republicans have long portrayed themselves as the party of faith, and religious practice is a reliable indicator of political behavior. Among voters who attend worship services more than once a week, 63 percent backed Mitt Romney last fall, while 36 percent supported President Barack Obama. …

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Wyoming U.S. Sens. Enzi, Barrasso vote no on immigration reform

Wyoming U.S. Sens. Enzi, Barrasso vote no on immigration reform

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Wyoming's U.S. senators voted against the Senate immigration reform bill Thursday on grounds it is the wrong tool to fix the problem.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Immigration: Time for lawmakers to choose sides

WASHINGTON — The future of immigration reform is, for now at least, not up to House Speaker John Boehner. It is in the hands of a group of moderately conservative Republican senators who have to decide whether their desire to solve a decades-old problem outweighs their fears of retaliation f…

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Faith leaders host forum on immigration reform on Wednesday in Billings

A group of Billings faith leaders is planning a forum on immigration reform at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at MSUB Downtown, 214 N. Broadway.

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Poll: Wyoming wants immigration reform

Sixty-six percent of Wyomingites want to see an immigration reform bill that includes a tough but fair path to citizenship, according to a recent poll paid for by three reform advocates: Republicans for Immigration Reform, Alliance for Citizenship and Partnership for a New American Economy.

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Senior High school student featured in documentary about young undocumented immigrants

Senior High school student featured in documentary about young undocumented immigrants

Jocelyn, a 17-year-old daughter of Mexican immigrants who settled in Billings 14 years ago, says she doesn’t like to think about the risk of deportation she and her family faces.

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Guest opinion: LR-121 would bring costly, racist burden to Montana

This November you will be asked to take a position on LR-121, a legislative referendum to “deny certain state services to illegal aliens.” If LR-121 were to pass, it would establish unprecedented state-level procedures mandating that state employees determine your status when applying for al…

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Cokie and Steven V. Roberts: Trade pacts, immigrants can rev up U.S. economy

The economic news remains dreadful — stock markets, credit ratings and consumer confidence are all plunging. Worse yet, the administration has few tools available to reverse the trend. New stimulus spending is politically impossible, and interest rates are already at rock bottom.

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Proposal would help those who break laws

In “Faith, community leaders urge immigration reforms” (Jan. 20), the proponents are quoted recycling stale assertions from previous years. What they label “reform” will be instantly recognized as “amnesty for illegal aliens” by anyone actually paying attention.

January 31, 2010 12:00 am Related



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