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Guest opinion: USDA must protect farmers from genetically engineered seed

Another variety of unapproved, genetically engineered wheat has been discovered in the U.S., this time here in Montana. The finding underscores, once again, the weak regulations governing experimental trials of GE crops, as well as the vulnerability of our state’s most valuable export crop.

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Monsanto plans conventional wheat research in MT

GREAT FALLS — Monsanto Co. is offering assurances that the wheat-breeding research center it plans to open in Great Falls will involve conventional research and not genetically modified organisms.

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Monsanto wants wheat testing site near Great Falls

GREAT FALLS - Cascade County commissioners have voted to re-zone property on the northwestern edge of Great Falls to allow seed and herbicide maker Monsanto Co. to locate a wheat breeding testing site there.

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Tester gets kudos for eliminating 'Monsanto Protection Act'

Tester gets kudos for eliminating 'Monsanto Protection Act'

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., is being lauded for ending a law that ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ignore judicial bans on genetically modified crops.

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Tester sees progress in genetically modified food labeling

Tester sees progress in genetically modified food labeling

Labels for genetically modified food have been a slippery fish for biotech opponents, but a new amendment targeting salmon might set the hook, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester said.

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Region's farmers not confident in GMO safeguards

Region's farmers not confident in GMO safeguards

Farmers in Montana and North Dakota say neither the government nor agri-giant Monsanto have done enough to safeguard wheat fields from genetically modified crop contamination.

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Montana eyes Oregon GMO grain problems

Montana eyes Oregon GMO grain problems

Montana’s $1.7 billion wheat industry is watching cautiously as foreign buyers react negatively to unauthorized genetically modified wheat discovered in Oregon.

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News photos: Protesters rally against GMO, Monsanto

News photos: Protesters rally against GMO, Monsanto

Protesters gathered on the Yellowstone County Courthouse lawn Saturday to rally against genetically modified foods. The event, part of a worldwide series of protests called March Against Monsanto, drew about 100 people.

May 25, 2013 4:35 pm Photos


USDA approves 'Roundup Ready' sugar beets

USDA approves 'Roundup Ready' sugar beets

Federal regulators have given final approval to genetically modified sugar beets.

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Guest opinion: Genetically modified wheat would ruin market

About a decade ago, Monsanto was on a mission to develop and commercialize a genetically modified strain of dark northern spring wheat.

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Wyoming woman named Amercia's Farmers Mom

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A Wyoming woman has been named America's Farmers Mom of the Year through a contest sponsored by Monsanto.

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Guest opinion: GMO essential to meeting growing global wheat demand

Guest opinion: GMO essential to meeting growing global wheat demand

Agriculture has been through several revolutions instrumental in increasing production enough to feed a hungry world. The first was known as the mechanical revolution, which changed power sources from animal power to engine power.

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Patented crop battle might be ending

A six-year battle over how farmers are investigated for illegally growing patented crops might be ending.

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Feds approve Roundup Ready alfalfa

Biotech alfalfa was re-approved for widespread planting Thursday after years of legal and regulatory challenges by the organic-food industry.

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Monsanto to pay $5M for PCB cleanup

GREAT FALLS — Biotech company Monsanto has agreed to pay $5 million toward the cost of cleaning up PCB contamination in Big Spring Creek near Lewistown.

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Judge's order

March 16, 2010 5:47 pmLoading…

Judge OKs Roundup Ready beets for this year

Roundup Ready sugar beets are OK to plant this spring after a federal judge in California denied a nationwide ban sought by organic seed companies and environmentalists.

March 16, 2010 5:38 pm Related



Thousands comment on Monsanto’s planned mine

BOISE, Idaho — Monsanto employees, farm-state governors and an ex-U.S. Interior secretary urged speedy approval of an Idaho mine to supply an ingredient for Monsanto Co.’s Roundup weedkiller, while the Environmental Protection Agency wants additional pollution safeguards.

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Critics say private dinner skirted state's lobby laws

HELENA - An unusual private dinner shared by most of a Senate committee and biotech giant Monsanto has led to talk that unfair tactics avoided by even the most seasoned Montana lobbyists are being used by groups that slip through the state's lobbying laws.

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Monsanto abandons production of Posilac

Monsanto abandons production of Posilac

Roger Boender checks on a row of dairy cows while crews work at the Evergreen Dairy Farm near Worden. Boender doesn't use hormones to help his stock produce more.

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