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Ideal barbecue weather expected for Labor Day

Ideal barbecue weather expected for Labor Day

Weather on Labor Day will be ideal for an outdoor barbecue, but late-day isolated showers could send folks headed indoors a little early. 

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Cool Sunday and Labor Day expected

Cooler temperatures are expected this week in Billings, but the lower temperatures will bring an increased chance of showers Sunday and Labor Day. 

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Wet weather in forecast for Saturday

Rain showers and thunderstorms are possible in Billings and throughout the area on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

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Hi-Line hit with severe flooding

Hi-Line hit with severe flooding

A deluge that soaked much of the Montana Hi-Line with as much as eight inches of rain earlier this month caused record flooding that had some areas still under water on Friday.

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State sees savings as fires burn 5 percent of average acreage this summer

State sees savings as fires burn 5 percent of average acreage this summer

So far, the 2014 wildfire season in Montana has been defined more by what hasn’t happened than by what has.

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Cooler weekend weather likely

Cooler weekend weather likely

Temperatures in Billings are expected to near 90 on Thursday, but weekend highs should be significantly cooler. 

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Warmer weather Wednesday and Thursday; Weekend thunderstorms possible

Warmer temperatures are likely in the Billings area for the next few days, but cloudy skies and the threat of rain could chill temperatures over the weekend.

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Some roads still closed after weekend; Winnett records 8 inches of rain

Rainy weather and cooler temperatures ruled the weekend, but the storm system has moved into North Dakota and Canada allowing temperatures to recover. 

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Rain brings flooding, relief to Eastern Montana

Rain brings flooding, relief to Eastern Montana

An unusual August storm, which has dropped between 1 and 3 inches of rain in Yellowstone County, continues to drizzle in the Billings area but was expected to come to an end Sunday afternoon.

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Rain will stay in area until at least Sunday

An unusually strong and wet upper low pressure system is expected to keep rainy weather in South Central and Eastern Montana until Sunday afternoon.

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Thunderstorms and showers expected through the weekend

Thunderstorms and showers expected through the weekend

Thunderstorms, rain and cooler temperatures are expected through the weekend in the Billings area.

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Rain likely into the weekend

Rain and thunderstorms are likely for the next several days in Billings.

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Hot on Tuesday but a cooler day Wednesday

Another hot and sunny day is expected in Billings Tuesday, but relief is on the way. The National Weather Service predicts that cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain and thunderstorms are expected to head to the Yellowstone Valley on Wednesday. 

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Hot and dry in Billings Monday

Hot and dry in Billings Monday

Another hot and dry day is in store for Billings Monday, but a rain shower could bring relief to the Yellowstone Valley Tuesday afternoon.  

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Temps back up near 90 early in the week

After a cool and wet weekend in Billings, the early part of the week is expected to heat back up and dry out.

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Sunny Saturday with a chance of showers

Saturday in Billings and the surrounding towns will be mostly sunny, with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. The weather could be more severe in the eastern part of the state.

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Weather Outlook: Rain possible

Billings residents may see a weather event that has not been seen for a while on Thursday, rain. 

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Weather Outlook: High temps, possible thundershowers

Nothing more than a trace of rain has fallen so far on Billings in August and that might not change for a while.

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Weather Outlook: Sunny, hot and a possible storm

Not a drop of rain should fall on MontanaFair Monday but fair goers should keep an eye on conditions Tuesday, a thunderstorm could make an appearance.

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Clear skies and hot weather likely

Clear skies and plenty of sunshine will make the Magic City a hot and dry place to be for the next few days.

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