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Orrin Hatch

George F. Will: Tax reformer's uphill push toward economic growth

WASHINGTON — The Sisyphean task of tax reform should be tried only by someone who will not flinch from igniting some highly flammable people — those who believe that whatever wrinkle in the tax code that benefits them is an eternal entitlement. Tax reform’s Senate champion is Ron Wyden, the …

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Gazette opinion: New job in Beijing no picnic for Baucus

Gazette opinion: New job in Beijing no picnic for Baucus

Beijing is a world away from Max Baucus’ Montana home. Fortunately, parts of his new job won’t be foreign to the longest serving member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

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Walsh sworn in as Montana senator; GOP eyes seat for Daines

Walsh sworn in as Montana senator; GOP eyes seat for Daines

WASHINGTON — John Walsh became the newest member of the Senate on Tuesday and faces the challenge of making his appointment more permanent.

February 11, 2014 4:16 pm Photos



Guest opinion: Tax reform won't happen till Congress talks specifics

As Congress moves forward on budget negotiations, the word out of Washington is to expect nothing major: no grand bargain, just more stopgap, short-term fixes. Yet there’s one ray of hope. The House and Senate chairs of the tax-writing committees, one a Republican, the other a Democrat, are …

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Gazette opinion: Congress must scale Medicare fiscal cliff

Once again, Medicare patients and their doctors are stressing out on the brink of the nation’s next fiscal cliff.

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Guest opinion: Congress must compromise on budget, debt reduction

Those of us who work full time encouraging America to live within our means see a sharp contrast between many elected officials in Washington and the rest of America.

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Gazette opinion: No room for secrecy in urgent tax reform debate

Gazette opinion: No room for secrecy in urgent tax reform debate

Montanans gave Sen. Max Baucus good advice on tax reform last week.

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Guest opinion: Baucus, Hatch change game for real tax reform

In the quarter century since Congress last reformed the Tax Code, back in 1986, it seems Washington has worked overtime to create the most inefficient and ineffective globally anti-competitive tax system humankind could dream up.

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Gazette opinion: Blank slate makes sense for tax reform

America’s tax code is broken.

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Baucus asks Montanans to weigh in on tax reform

Baucus asks Montanans to weigh in on tax reform

U.S. Sen. Max Baucus turned to Montanans for federal tax reform recommendations Friday, one day after notifying fellow lawmakers that they’ll have to defend tax breaks they intend to keep.

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Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts: Immigration compromise bill worth celebrating

Compromise is one of the noblest words in the political lexicon. Especially when power is divided between the parties, as it is now, governing a country this vast and diverse is virtually impossible unless lawmakers bring a certain level of trust and flexibility to the bargaining table.

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Western lawmakers push to restore mineral funds

CHEYENNE — A bipartisan group of western lawmakers is pushing legislation in Washington to restore cuts of $110 million in federal mineral royalty payments to 35 states.

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Gazette opinion: Keep tax credit that spurs wind energy growth

When businesses harness Montana’s wind energy, private landowners, local and state governments and workers share the benefits.

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Western lawmakers question federal leasing reform

DENVER  - Senators from Utah and Wyoming are questioning whether federal oil and gas leasing reforms are being used to block energy development in the West.

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Obama abandons wilderness plan

WASHINGTON - Under pressure from Congress, the Obama administration is backing away from a plan to make millions of acres of undeveloped land in the West eligible for federal wilderness protection.

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