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MoneyTipsPublic opinion is often split when it comes to millennials and money. Some consider millennials as unfocused narcissists with unrealistic expectations. Others consider them as the recipients of a devastating one-two punch of high college costs and poor job prospects. As with any generation, it's unfair to characterize millennials as a homogeneous group — but it is fair to survey them and find out what they really think about money. What are their situations and objectives?The financial education website iQuantifi teamed up with Middle Tennessee State University to clarify millennials' approaches toward money. The findings suggest that millennials do have financial goals and visions, but have difficulty executing those visions and may not be getting the best financial advice.Consider these survey findings:De...Millennials Are Following Their Own Financial AdviceHow to Become a Successful MillennialDownload “The Millennial Next Door” eBook

MoneyTipsWe can all think of potential economic burdens in our retirement years, but few of us would think of student loans as one of them. Unfortunately, a recent audit from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that a surprising number of seniors hold student debt, and increasing numbers of them are having difficulty repaying – resulting in defaults and garnishment of Social Security benefits.According to the GAO’s report, the overall student loan debt held by Americans 65 years old or greater has skyrocketed from $2.8 billion in 2005 to over $18 billion in 2013. The study estimated the median student debt for those 65 and over at around $12,000.Student loan debt is particularly dangerous, because it usually cannot be removed through bankruptcy, and defaulting on federal student loans can result in garnishments of federal benefits, including Social Security. Given the accrued interest and the extended timeline of student loan repayments, an unpaid stude...How the New Government Spending Bill Will Affect Student LoansTips for Managing College DebtSocial Security Myth Busters

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CASPER, Wyo. — Laura Smith took the long way to graduation. The path wasn’t lined with gold, she quickly found, but with promissory notes.

  • By Nick Balatsos For The Gazette

CASPER, Wyo. — Nicholas Zeitner spent a year enrolled in Sheridan (Wyo.) College studying architectural drafting. He took out loans — the max …

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CHEYENNE — The percentage of University of Wyoming students defaulting on federal loans is well below the national average, while five of the …


Student financial aid changed in several ways July 1.

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HELENA — The proposed 2013 federal health, labor and education spending plan released Tuesday by Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., covers scores of programs and agencies. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights in the proposal, which is before Rehberg’s appropriations subcommittee for a vote Wednesday: Health-care reform: Rescinds most funds that would help implement the 2010 health-reform law, including $3 billion for new health insurance co-ops — one of which has been formed in Montana — and $300 million for community health centers. Total savings of $8 billion next year. However, it keeps Affordable Care Act funding related to Medicare rate-setting and Medicaid drug costs, that would save money.

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Kyle Goings completed classes at Montana State University Billings this spring and will student teach this fall. He will start paying on his s…

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CHEYENNE - The Cheyenne-based non-profit Wyoming Student Loan Association will suspend making new loans indefinitely starting in March as it e…

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When Joe Godfrey, 31, went online to apply for a student loan recently, he found that the service, Next Student, wasn't taking any new loan ap…

  • MARY PICKETT Of The Gazette Staff

Four lucky students got surprise scholarships earlier this semester, thanks to the Montana State University Billings Foundation.

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Sullivan, right, looks over a simulated X-ray with Bargstadt.

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GREAT FALLS - Schweitzer administration officials, members of student loan agencies' boards and state university regents agreed Tuesday night …