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United States Environmental Protection Agency

Guest opinion: Montana engineers ready to tackle environmental challenges

In September 1945, my grandfather, John Morrison Sr., turned a spare bedroom in his home into the office of Morrison Engineering Company. His vision was to pull Montana’s communities out of the mud with modernized roads and other infrastructure to meet current and future needs.

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Guest opinion: New rules would keep clean Montana water flowing

Water is the lifeblood of Montana.

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On ag tour, Daines hears farmers' concerns in Huntley

On ag tour, Daines hears farmers' concerns in Huntley

Frustrated farmers told Congressman Steve Daines on Monday in Huntley that clogged rail lines, increasing federal regulations and cheap imports are hurting their business.

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New West End park will provide stormwater solution, flooding prevention

New West End park will provide stormwater solution, flooding prevention

Since late 2013, crews have been digging and moving more than 160,000 cubic yards of soil, transforming a 66-acre lot behind Steak and Shake into a stormwater processing facility.

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Guest opinion: Chamber's numbers don't make a case against EPA rule

Glenn Oppel’s attack on the new EPA carbon standards for existing power plants in the June 10 Gazette does a serious disservice both to the facts and to intelligent public discussion of this important initiative to combat climate change.

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Black Eagle residents express concerns on cleanup

GREAT FALLS — An environmental consultant is laying out Black Eagle residents' concerns in cleaning up a contaminated Superfund site.

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Guest opinion: EPA seeks clearer clean water rules

Montana is famous for its wild rivers. No one understood the importance of Western rivers more than the iconic author, Wallace Stegner — who spent his youth in Montana – when he famously said: “Water is the true wealth in a dry land.”

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Guest opinion: Federal regulations slow small business growth

Within days of each other this month, Gov. Steve Bullock released his business plan for Montana, and the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its latest jobs report.

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Hearings set on surface water pollution standards

Montanans are rightfully proud of the state’s bountiful waterways used for irrigating, fishing, drinking and recreating.

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Guest opinion: EPA rule hobbles economy, hurts consumer choice

FLINT, Mich. — At a time when many people have put off buying a new car until the economy improves, the last thing we need is a stringent government regulation on fuel efficiency that will raise the cost of vehicles and make matters even more difficult for consumers.

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Guest opinion: Montanans propose 3rd way to cleaner coal

Montana’s raw beauty and wide-open spaces are inexorably joined to harsh conditions like these recent minus 30 temperatures. Such dangerous conditions mean that neighbors sometimes have to work together just to survive even when they have a history of past conflicts. Maybe this is why Montan…

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Guest opinion: Washington state strives for unbiased coal port reviews

A guest column, “Coal Port EIS Jeopardizes Montana Jobs,” published Dec. 17, contains inaccurate information.

December 23, 2013 12:00 amLoading…

Guest opinion: ‘sue and settle’ bypasses democratic process

WASHINGTON — When legislation was passed to improve visibility in federal National Parks and wilderness areas, Congress directed the states to decide how to implement their visibility programs.

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Guest opinion: Carbon pollutions standards good for Montana business

The Environmental Protection Agency developing the nation’s first-ever carbon pollution standards for power plants. As small business owners and Montanans, we hail these new standards for their potential to expand economic opportunities in Montana by driving innovation and accelerating clean…

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Guest opinion: EPA must not tamper with its vehicle mileage tests

GREEN BAY, Wis. — In 2010 and again in 2012, the Obama administration made one of its most important decisions on energy use and climate change.

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Wyoming consumer advocate opposes EPA pollution plan

CHEYENNE — A state consumer advocacy group says a federal plan to reduce regional haze will mean higher utility bills for Wyoming residents.

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Guest opinion: EPA crackdown on Billings' SO2 levels threatens business

In the 2011 legislative session, Sen. Jim Peterson introduced the following 10 lines in a bill for the Legislature to consider, called the Code of Montana. More important issues took over the session and this was left behind. It still is relevant.

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Wyoming joins lawsuit against EPA's 'sue and settle' practice

CHEYENNE -- Wyoming is one of 12 states that will sue the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday to force the release of EPA records related to some lawsuits by environmental groups.

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Utilities organize against EPA haze plan for Wyoming

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Several electric utilities on Tuesday announced a campaign to rally public opposition against a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plan to reduce atmospheric haze by further limiting air pollution from coal-fired power plants in Wyoming.

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Public meeting scheduled for Pavillion study

Public meeting scheduled for Pavillion study

CHEYENNE — Wyoming officials have scheduled the first public meeting about the state's plans to take over an investigation of groundwater pollution in the Pavillion area.

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