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David Ignatius: Obama's cautious policy on global challenges

WASHINGTON — In President Obama's sometimes maddeningly cautious foreign policy, you can see him struggling to answer what may be the hardest question of his presidency: How should the United States project power in a disorderly world without making the same mistakes it did in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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Guest opinion: Climate change threat to U.S. national security

Climate change is an accelerating threat to national security.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Defending our progressive Constitution

WASHINGTON — You cannot talk for very long to a conservative these days without hearing the words "constitutional" and "constitutionalist."

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Travel and Leisure: Women face special issues when traveling

Now more than ever, women are striking out and traveling by themselves both for business and pleasure. And, although their reasons for traveling are similar to their male counterparts, women traveling alone have very different needs and concerns. From safety issues to cultural variations, wo…

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From the Editor: Maybe you didn't think about this Montana industry as an export

One of the most important Made in Montana exports doesn’t involve loading commodities on trains, jumbo jets or pipelines. In fact, this product is consumed without ever leaving the state.

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KOA rolls out first nationwide TV campaign

KOA rolls out first nationwide TV campaign

Billings-based Kampgrounds of America has rolled out the first national television campaign in its 52-year history, hoping to capitalize on a rebound in the popularity of recreational vehicles.

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World Cup: USA vs. Germany

World Cup: USA vs. Germany

Team USA lost 1-0 to Germany in pool play Thursday in the World Cup, but advances to the knockout stage.

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David Ignatius: Charismatic ISIS terrorist operates like mobster

WASHINGTON — A glimpse of the passionate loyalty inspired by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the insurgent group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, comes in a recent video made by a 20-year-old Muslim recruit from the British city of Cardiff, Wales.

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Guest opinion: LGBT minority's 45-year struggle for equal rights

The first three words of the U.S. and Montana’s Constitutions — We the People — are words of inclusion. No natural person is excluded. We the People includes everybody; no exceptions.

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David Ignatius: Obama must act now to start stabilizing Iraq

WASHINGTON — What would an effective, quick response to the catastrophic civil wars in Iraq and Syria look like? Sometimes in foreign policy, as in sports, it can be useful to visualize the right technique and then hit the ball.

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David Ignatius: History argues for crisis conference in shattering Middle East

WASHINGTON — Let’s look at the reality on the ground in the Middle East: Iraq and Syria are effectively partitioned along sectarian lines; Lebanon and Yemen are close to fracturing; Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia survive intact, but as increasingly authoritarian states.

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Walsh turns to corporate tax breaks to solve highway funding problem

Walsh turns to corporate tax breaks to solve highway funding problem

With federal highway funds running on empty, U.S. Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont., is calling on senators to pay the bill by ending tax breaks for businesses sending jobs offshore.

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Guest opinion: Montanans must bridge urban-rural divide

Now that the primaries are over, it’s time to take the temperature of the political climate in Montana. And wherever politicians in this state might stand on the issues of water and weather, they would all agree that, when it comes to politics, our state will get a whole lot warmer in the ne…

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David Ignatius: Our cycles of national worry about military power

WASHINGTON — When CBS News brought Dwight Eisenhower back to Normandy for the 20th anniversary of the D-Day landings in 1964, you might have expected the former commander of Allied forces to conclude with a triumphal comment. Instead, CBS captured an anguished Eisenhower against the backdrop…

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Interactive: How much coal does the U.S. use?

Interactive: How much coal does the U.S. use?

Explore where reliance on coal-generated power is greatest in the U.S.

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Strategies for success: Sometimes all you need is a friend who listens

A young business owner called our office the other day. He was downtrodden and dejected. He was getting married in two months, he had started a new business, a legal practice. He had not landed his first paying client yet, the wedding bills were coming due and he was depressed.

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Montana ranks 30th in nation when it comes to seniors' health

Montana ranks 30th in nation when it comes to seniors' health

When it comes to the health of seniors in Montana, the state is making incremental progress but still has significant room for improvement.

May 23, 2014 12:00 am Photos



George F. Will: Great Society bifurcates LBJ legacy

WASHINGTON — Standing on his presidential limousine, Lyndon Johnson, campaigning in Providence, R.I., in September 1964, bellowed through a bullhorn: “We’re in favor of a lot of things and we’re against mighty few.” This was a synopsis of what he had said four months earlier.

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Tester, Walsh call for investigation of local IHS

Tester, Walsh call for investigation of local IHS

The Billings Area Indian Health Service is coming under increased scrutiny, with U.S. Sens. Jon Tester and John Walsh requesting that the Government Accountability Office conduct a formal investigation of the federal agency.

May 02, 2014 4:45 pm Photos



Robert J. Samuelson: Are Americans under-saving for retirement?

WASHINGTON — Can America afford to retire? As millions of baby boomers pass their mid-60s, the specter of widespread under-saving has taken hold. It’s a scary vision. But is it likely? Probably not.

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