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Wells Fargo

Wyoming bank robbery suspect held without bond

CASPER, Wyo. — A man accused of attempting to rob a Wells Fargo bank in Casper last week will remain in detention awaiting trial.

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Butte jury's $52 million verdict against bank possibly highest in Montana history

BUTTE — A Butte jury delivered a $52 million verdict Friday against a bank that received billions in federal bailout dollars, but refused to use the money to help a flailing client — an international company that planned to take root in Butte.

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12th Planet developer's home to be sold

12th Planet developer's home to be sold

For what may be the first time in a Montana bankruptcy court, a judge has ordered the home of former casino owner Philip Keith be sold to help pay back millions of dollars in debts.

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Have You Heard: '50s style diner opening soon on West End

Spence Erwin was a bit worried a few weeks ago that the first Steak ’n Shake diner in Billings wouldn’t be ready to go. But the building has been turned over to him, the furniture, fixtures and dishes are in and he’s hired most of the 130 people needed to open one of the restaurants in the I…

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Construction Zone: Avitus Group outgrows its space -- again

Construction Zone: Avitus Group outgrows its space -- again

Parents often mark their child’s growth with tick marks on the wall. Company presidents and CEOs measure growth with increased employee numbers and office space along with ledgers in the black.

July 01, 2013 12:00 am Photos


Bakken plan influenced Avitus Group expansion

Bakken plan influenced Avitus Group expansion

When System Building Solutions set up a plant to manufacture modular homes, the owners said they preferred to concentrate on “building boxes” and not worry about payroll, human resources and other tasks associated with running a business.

June 22, 2013 8:30 pm Photos


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Bank robbery suspect says he gave to the poor

Bank robbery suspect says he gave to the poor

JACKSON, Wyo. — When it came to raising money for the unfortunate, accused bank robber Corey Allan Donaldson said he wanted to think outside the box.

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George F. Will: Bankbuster takes on too-big-to-fail behemoths

WASHINGTON — With his chronically gravelly voice and relentlessly liberal agenda, Sherrod Brown seems to have stepped out of "Les Miserables," hoarse from singing revolutionary anthems at the barricades. Today, Ohio's senior senator has a project worthy of Victor Hugo — and of conservatives'…

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40 Under Forty: Sylvia Noble

40 Under Forty: Sylvia Noble

When someone describes themselves as a “people person,” it’s usually within the context of being sociable and eager to get along with others.

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Bankruptcy trustee drills into casino developer's bank box

Bankruptcy trustee drills into casino developer's bank box

Acting on a tip about hidden assets, a U.S. bankruptcy trustee in Billings drilled through the lock on a safe deposit box at Stockman Bank and found $77,250, including $36,000 in cash.

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Avitus Group has moved to the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Billings.

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Main Street getting 2 new businesses, brands uncertain

Jones Construction has been moving serious dirt to prepare a site for a 6,100-square-foot building near MetraPark.

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Laramie police arrest man in bank robbery attempt

LARAMIE, Wyo — Police in Laramie say they arrested a Colorado man following an attempted bank robbery Tuesday morning.

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Inside Job: When seeking employment, it really is who you know

Inside Job: When seeking employment, it really is who you know

In 1998, Brian Brown was playing his last year of football at the University of Wyoming and earning some part-time cash at the Laramie First Interstate Bank.

April 22, 2012 12:15 am Photos


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City Lights: Downtown Billings to be populated with more boxes

In this increasingly disagreeable country, it’s hard to imagine a majority of people agreeing on anything.

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Montanans share in mortgage fraud settlement

Montana will receive $20.4 million of the $26 billion nationwide settlement against five of the largest U.S. banks for breaking federal and state mortgage lending laws.

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Battle to save a home can be long, frustrating -- but not hopeless

Battle to save a home can be long, frustrating -- but not hopeless

HELENA -- For people behind on their mortgages and facing possible default and loss of their homes to foreclosure, there is still hope, although the fight to save a home can be long and frustrating.

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49-yr-old man pleads guilty to robbing Casper bank

CASPER, Wyo. - A 49-year-old man has acknowledged robbing a downtown Casper bank.

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Have You Heard: Monster antique store on First Avenue attracts vendors

Marketplace 3301 in downtown Billings was considered too big to fill when it opened last summer.

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State safe from fees for debit cards for now

HELENA -- Bank of America's decision to begin charging a debit card fee last week has brought criticism and questions from across the United States, but Montana's financial institutions are mostly sitting back and watching the changes as they unfold.

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