Bruceblog: I got a house at the Siouxland Home Show

2014-04-14T23:00:00Z Bruceblog: I got a house at the Siouxland Home ShowBRUCE R. MILLER writer The Billings Gazette

I went to the Siouxland Home Show and got a house.

Oh, not a split-level ranch with an open-floor concept. A “stress-ball” house – something that comes in handy when you’re a homeowner.

That stress, though, disappears when you see all the things local builders can do. At the 57th annual event (I’ve been to most of those, by the way), I was able to find lots of new things for the home.

Among my favorites:

1. A huge bathroom mirror with a television set built in. Called the “Electric Mirror,” it lets you watch TV shows while you’re getting ready in the morning. If you don’t want to let the relatives know it’s there, you just hide the feature and they think it’s just another mirror. Cool, huh? It’s available at the Central Kitchen and Bath booth.

2. A saguaro cactus made out of galvanized steel. The arms can hold tiki torches and be lit for maximum effect. At the Executive Lawns and Pools booth, exhibitors also had a palm tree and – get this – a laser light display that could make your backyard rival the gardens at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. (Yup, there were dancing waters, too.)

3. Architectural sinks. A sloping Corian sink (featured at Modern Kitchens’ booth) was like a piece of art. Its drain is hidden, suggesting your bathroom could be the most attractive room in the house (particularly if you added that TV/mirror combo).

4. An incredibly high-def, high-def television set. It had a fancy name (and don’t hold me to it), but the picture looked like it was 3-D. I could stare at the Grand Canyon scene all day long – and I didn’t even like the Grand Canyon the first time I saw it. When you see the TV, you’ll know what I mean.

5. Cabinets with reeds in them. No kidding. At the Pioneer Cabinetry booth, you can see real reeds pressed between what seemed like Plexiglas. It made a striking statement (and could possibly find a way in my spa bathroom – note a trend here?).

6. A wall-mounted fireplace. Looking a bit like a flat-screen TV, it provided plenty of heat, a great look and little or no mess.

7. Pillows, pillows, pillows. On the second floor, you get a couple of options – ones designed to provide the best sleep ever. I was taken with the way they both cradled your head. And – even better – there were choices for everyone. Bamboo, anyone?

More? Oh, yeah, there was plenty more. These home shows could get your remodeling/building juices moving just in time for that big summer project. And if the thought of that stresses you out, look for the rubber house. It’s there, too.

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