Royals 2, Brooklyn Park Heights 0

Royals 000  110 
Brooklyn Park 000  000 

W: Drew Atkeison. L: Brandon Budnick.

Billings Royals — Joe Zimmer 0-2, Matt Dillon 0-3, Konner Wiechman 1-4, Tanner Leenknecht 0-3, Kolby Reid 1-3, Austin Vogel 1-2, Pete Lind 0-1, Nolan Timmons 0-3, Bryan Mitchell 0-2. RBIs: Zimmer, Vogel.

Brookyln Park Heights, Minn. — Brandon Budnick 0-3, Kyle Schnobrich 1-3, Austin Ledin 0-2, Dan Hanson 1-3, Andrew Brown 0-3, Corbin Kraus 1-3, Danny Sivanich 0-2, Tyler Stroh 0-1, Shaun Stachowski 0-2, Jeremy Tutt 0-2.

Royals 6, Rochester 1

Rochester 000  001 
Royals 001  500 

W: Beau Thomas. L: Ross Luinenburg

Rochester, Minn. — Jordan Jasik 1-3, Nick Smith 1-3, Riesee Zmolek 2-3, Nick Pearson 1-3, Patrick Bower 0-2, Brandon Knapp 0-3, Jacob Fletcher 0-3, Alex Holets 0-1, Aaron Eberhart 0-1, Erik Thorvilson 0-0, John Bickle 0-3. RBIs: Bower.

Billings Royals — Joe Zimmer 1-4, Matt Dillon 1-2, Konner Wiechman 1-3, Tanner Leenknecht 1-1, Kevin Angland 1-2, John Vogel 0-3, Wyatt Summers 1-4, Baylee Slevira, Bryan Mitchell 0-1. 2B: Summers. 3B: Leenknecht, Zimmer. RBIs: Zimmer 2, Dillon, Angland 2.

Laurel 14, Jackson Prep 0

Highlights -- Dawson Cortese had a double and a home run for four RBIs as the Laurel Dodgers routed Jackson, Wyo., Prep 14-0 on Saturday at the Northwest Wood Bat Tournament.

The game wentjust four innings as the Dodgers broke it open with an eight-run third inning. John Preller had three hits for Laurel, while Karson Kukes had two  RBIs.

Carson Hoke pitched all four innings for the Dodgers, allowing just one hit.

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