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Drummond celebrates its first Class C state football title after defeating Big Sandy in 2003. Members of The Gazette sports staff discuss the 8-Man football title game as it begins rotating between Butte and Billings in 2018.

Missoulian file photo

1. Your thoughts on Jill Barta being chosen in the WNBA Draft?

Letasky: Best of luck to her. Barta will have all of Big Sky Country rooting her on. 

Welsch: Small-town girls basketball players all over Montana look up to her. This is sure to be further inspiration.

Kusek: Congratulations to her. Now the hard work begins to make the final roster for the reigning WNBA champions.

Scherting: Happy for her, and happy for the state. She's a good ambassador for Montana, so I hope she finds success. 

Hansen: Excited to see where her career takes her from here. She's been a lot of fun to chat with this week about the whole experience. Happy for her and excited to see her impact continue to grow.

2. Will having the State C 8-Man game in a neutral location of Butte or Billings be a success? 

Letasky: I've never been a fan of neutral-site football playoff games, although I do understand the argument. If the schools are going to attempt it, give it a fair trial run and see if it works. 

Welsch: I've never understood why all five classes haven't done this. Wyoming doesn't have much on Montana, but this is an exception.

Kusek: Wherever the game is played, the fans of the schools involved will follow. Now it's time for Class AA, Class A, Class B and 6-Man to follow suit.

Scherting: I'll take a wait-and-see approach. To be frank, though, Butte might work. But I don't see Billings neutrals showing up. They'll have to prove me wrong. 

Hansen: If you're going to do it, all five classes should have made the change, not just one. So we'll see. I'm fine with it either way. 

3. Robert Griffin III recently signed with the Ravens. Will he ever be a regular NFL starter again? 

Letasky: No. At this point in his career, RG3 is a solid backup who maybe can string together a few starts while the regular starter heals. 

Welsch: A few more hits and his legs will turn to Gummy Bears. Might be time for RG3 simply to retire.

Kusek: With the attrition rate of quarterbacks in the NFL, yes, he will eventually start a game at some point. But a regular starter? No.

Scherting: Here's my go-to QB rant ... how can the best football league in the world not develop quarterbacks? How many good ones are there in the NFL, really? Six? 10?

Hansen: Probably not. I've always like RG3, though, so I hope it works out for him. 

4. How impressive is the MSU Billings baseball team being in first place despite playing no home games to date? 

Letasky: It's amazing. Most big league clubs seem to struggle on the road and the Jackets are piling up the victories away from home. Kudos to the team. 

Welsch: I always thought college baseball was hopeless above the 45th Parallel until Oregon State won back-to-back nattys. Jackets are so potent they scared Western Oregon away!

Kusek: Very impressive. And it might be unprecedented in college sports. 

Scherting: It's a home run! Seriously, though, it's quite an achievement, even if MSUB's baseball and softball programs are used to long stretches of early-season road games.

Hansen: It's neat to see and it's crazy to think they haven't played at home yet. Who knows what home-field advantage could do for them.

5. What would your life be like without your cellphone for a day? 

Letasky: I miss the days when there weren't cellphones. Landlines might be the way to go again for a relaxing life. Cellphones are good for emergencies, but what about the old days when no news was good news?  

Welsch: If this is one of those offers to get $100,000 for a month without a cellphone, I'm in. Who's buying? Letasky?

Kusek: Blissful.

Scherting: More and more, I'm looking forward to it. Rarely does my phone deliver good or encouraging thoughts.

Hansen: Man, my coworkers are so old. Going without my phone for a day is fine, quiet, and not hard. BUT, I do like having constant communication with my friends and keeping tabs on what's going on in the world.