Where is Montana's best high school football field?

2014-06-17T17:45:00Z Where is Montana's best high school football field? The Billings Gazette

What makes a football field great? Or, even more simply, what makes one field superior to another?

After all, the architecture is similar from one to the next, with the biggest differences coming in the surroundings. Montana is home to some great gridiron venues, so – as we did with the basketball gyms last summer – we’re going to go on a quest for the best.

It’s an impossible task, really, but it’s one I greatly enjoyed while traveling across Big Sky country to tour the old basketball courts at Shelby and Anaconda and the new ones at Manhattan Christian and Belgrade last summer. I ultimately gave Billings West’s “Golden Dome” the No. 1 ranking, but that recognition could have easily gone to any of the dozen or so gyms I visited. All were and are awesome in their own way.

So, starting this week, I’m touring some of the best high school football fields Montana has to offer. I’ll eventually figure out how to rank them. For now, though, it’s all just going to be an educational experience for me.

I have 10 stops planned over the next two weeks. I have another two or three or six I plan on visiting once we get into July. However, very few of my destinations are set in stone, and I’m always willing to add a detour to my trip to survey another unique field.

Which fields do you think are the best? Is there one I simply cannot miss on my travels? Let me know where you think I need to go – maybe I’ve already got it on the list, or maybe you can persuade me to add a stop.

Send me your nominations here in the comments, via email at skimmel@billingsgazette.com or Twitter (@SlimKimmel). As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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