Central boys swimmers capture historic state title

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February 09, 2013 7:48 pm  • 

HARDIN -- A year ago, the Billings Central boys made history by finishing third overall among Class AA and Class A teams in the state swim meet -- the highest placing ever for a Class A team.

Now we know the Rams were just getting started.

Senior Matt Wehr and sophomore Pierce Oja led a tremendous effort for the Central boys on Saturday, helping them to the overall team title in the state meet at Hardin High School.

Central scored 189 points to win their fourth straight Class A title and finish 10 points ahead of Helena High, the top Class AA team.

“It’s amazing … what a great accomplishment for these kids,” said Central coach Brenden Smith. “It’s never been done before because it’s very hard to do. Who knows if it will ever happen again … we’re going to enjoy this because it might be a long time before it ever happens again.”

The Billings Central girls won their fifth straight Class A title and finished fourth overall behind Helena, Missoula Hellgate and Bozeman.

Central junior Jenna Marsh continued her remarkable prep career with two more wins and two more state records. Marsh won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.52 seconds and the 100 butterfly in 56.10, breaking her own state records in both events.

Marsh is now a perfect 6 for 6 in three state meets in her career -- six individual races, six wins, six state records.

“Jenna was incredible again,” said Smith. “Her goal was to get both of those records, and she got ‘em. She’s just such a great competitor and such a natural talent.

“She also swam the anchor on the (winning) 200 freestyle relay and came from about a second-and-a-half down to pull it out.”

In addition to a great effort, the team title for the Central boys also came with some good fortune.

Helena High was disqualified by a false start in the 200 medley relay -- the second event of the day. That gave Central momentum, and the Rams never gave it back.

“Everything had to go perfect for us, and it did,” said Smith. “We won it with a little luck, a lot of heart and a lot of love.

“You have to feel bad for the Helena kids. That’s tough to get DQ’d like that … I’ve been there and it’s not fun. In my first year in Billings, we had a West girl get DQ’d in the backstroke and it cost us a shot at the team title.”

Wehr won the 200 IM and the 100 butterfly, and his win over Billings Skyview’s Chandler Crowe in the IM was the race of the day. Wehr edged Crowe -- the two-time defending champion in the event -- by six-hundredths of a second with a winning time of 1:57.54.

“That was a great battle,” said Smith. “Both kids swam great … they both swam personal-best times and gave it everything they had.”

Wehr, who was more than a second slower than Crowe in Friday’s 200 IM preliminaries, said he knew he needed to “swim a perfect race.”

“Oh my gosh … that race was incredible,” said Wehr, who won the 100 butterfly in 53.66. “When I was going into the last turn, I could see that he was just coming out of his turn, so I knew I had to dig down and make something happen.

“Chandler is a great swimmer … I swam as good as I possibly could and just barely got him.”

Oja won the 200 freestyle in 1:49.11 and the 100 breaststroke in 1:01.03. He joined Wehr, Bryson Boese and Chandler Zins on the winning 200 medley relay team.

Wehr said the Central boys thought an overall team title was a possibility at the beginning of the season, then gained more and more confidence as the season wore on.

“Once we started doing so well in meets, we knew it could happen. Everybody on the team swam great today … that’s what had to happen, and it did.”

Marsh joined Kya Sorli, Cate Klaudt and Sami Duvall on the winning girls 200 freestyle relay team.

Crowe successfully defended his title in the boys 100 backstroke, clocking a time of 52.74 to give him four individual titles in his career and help the Skyview boys to a third-place Class AA team finish (fourth overall) --- the best in school history.

“What a great way for the Skyview boys to wrap up a great season,” said Billings District 2 coach Matt Santala. “That’s the first time they’ve ever brought hardware back to Skyview, which is outstanding. That’s what they were shooting for all season.

“Overall, it was just a great day across the board for Billings swimmers. Obviously the Central kids were outstanding, and we had great showings from all six of our Skyview, West and Senior boys and girls teams.”



Team scores — Billings Central 189, Helena 179, Kalispell Glacier 166, Billings Skyview 162, Missoula Hellgate 130, Bozeman 105, Butte 95, Great Falls CMR 53, Billings West 38, Billings Senior 30, Great Falls 28, Havre 26, Hardin 25, Missoula Sentinel 19, Helena Capital 16, Missoula Big Sky 2.

200 medley relay — 1, Billings Central (Matt Wehr, Pierce Oja, Bryson Boese, Chandler Zins), 1:40.01. 2, Billings Skyview (Chandler Crowe, Paul Allen, Chris Luterbach, Brayden Marchant), 1:42.19. 3, Missoula Hellgate (Patrick Martyak, Uriah Kreilick, John Szekely, Reed Bachman), 1:47.09. 4, Butte (Jacob Wheeler, Keegan Whelan, Gavin Sison, Jake Bentley), 1:49.41. 5, Billings West (Jordan McNea, Conrad Smith, Jacob Needham, Connor Feldcamp), 1:51.18. Helena, DQ.

200 freestyle — 1, Pierce Oja, BCH, 1:49.11. 2, Stephen Murphy, HHS, 1:53.22. 3, Habib Mostefa, BOZ, 1:53.47. 4, Josh Loyda, GHS, 1:53.90. 5, Pat Hooks, HHS, 1:54.70. 6, Nick Angeli, HHS, 1:55.00.

200 IM — 1, Matt Wehr, BCH, 1:57.54. 2, Chandler Crowe, BSV, 1:57.60. 3, Jake Cirincione, GHS, 2:06.17. 4, Keegan Whelan, BHS, 2:09.02. 5, Patrick Martyak, MHG, 2:09.11. 6, Paul Allen, BSV, 2:11.30.

50 freestyle — 1, Jordan Loyda, GHS, 22.08. 2, Pete Kotson, HHS, 22.18. 3, Orion Kubat, BOZ, 22.67. 4, Logan Streit, GHS, 22.81. 5, Chris Luterbach, BSV, 23.22. 6, John Szekely, MHG, 23.50.

100 butterfly — 1, Matt Wehr, BCH, 53.66. 2, Jake Cirincione, GHS, 55.28. 3, Chandler Zins, BCH, 56.37. 4, Nathan Frieders, BSR, 56.51. 5, Chris Luterbach, BSV, 56.73. 6, Gage Gibson, HHS, 57.00.

100 freestyle — 1, Pete Kotson, HHS, 47.56. 2, Jordan Loyda, GHS, 48.83. 3, Logan Streit, GHS, 49.79. 3, Orion Kubat, BOZ, 49.79. 5, Zack Gray, BCH, 52.21. 6, Nathan Frieders, BSR, 52.90.

500 freestyle — 1, Pat Hooks, HHS, 5:06.64. 2, Habib Mostefa, BOZ, 5:06.86. 3, Nick Angeli, HHS, 5:12.95. 4, Stephen Murphy, HHS, 5:14.43. 5, Jake Bentley, BHS, 5:19.43. 6, Colton Bauer, HHS, 5:26.55.

200 freestyle relay — 1, Kalispell Glacier (Jordan Loyda, Jake Cirincione, Josh Loyda, Logan Streit), 1:30.48. 2, Billings Central (Pierce Oja, Bryson Boese, Zack Gray, Matt Wehr), 1:30.69. 3, Billings Skyview (Chandler Crowe, Chris Luterbach, Magnus Johnson, Brayden Marchant), 1:33.33. 4, Helena (Nick Angeli, Stephen Murphy, Austin Burns, Pete Kotson), 1:34.71. 5, Bozeman (Orion Kubat, Ben D’Isidoro, Habib Mostefa, Cameron Gentry), 1:34.75. 6, Missoula Hellgate (John Szekely, Ethan Choi, Reed Bachman, Patrick Martyak), 1:34.82.

100 backstroke — 1, Chandler Crowe, BSV, 52.74. 2, Josh Loyda, GHS, 55.68. 3, Ryan Mason, MSN, 57.65. 4, Chandler Zins, BCH, 57.68. 5, Magnus Johnson, BSV, 58.06. 6, Jacob Wheeler, BHS, 59.52.

100 breaststroke — 1, Pierce Oja, BCH, 1:01.03. 2, Keegan Whelan, BHS, 1:04.80. 3, Paul Allen, BSV, 1:05.49. 4, Patrick Brennan, CMR, 1:05.56. 5, Patrick Martyak, MHG, 1:06.16. Elijah Parker, CMR, DQ.

400 freestyle relay — 1, Kalispell Glacier (Josh Loyda, Jordan Loyda, Logan Streit, Jake Cirincione), 3:18.67. 2, Helena (Gage Gibson, Stephen Murphy, Pat Hooks, Pete Kotson), 3:25.70. 3, Bozeman (Orion Kubat, Habib Mostefa, Ben D’Isidoro, Cameron Gentry), 3:27.99. 4, Billings Skyview (Paul Allen, Eric Lambert, Magnus Johnson, Brayden Marchant), 3:34.21. 5, Billings Central (Chandler Zins, Bryson Boese, Zack Gray, Nick Bruschwein), 3:36.85. 6, Butte (Gavin Sison, Jake Bentley, Jacob Wheeler, Keegan Whelan), 3:39.99.


Team scores — Helena 220, Missoula Hellgate 218, Bozeman 154, Billings Central 121, Great Falls CMR 103, Missoula Sentinel 102, Great Falls 71, Kalispell Glacier 68, Butte 62, Billings Senior 40, Kalispell Flathead 34, Billings Skyview 31, Helena Capital 31, Missoula Big Sky 28, Billings West 11, Havre 7.

200 medley relay — 1, Missoula Hellgate (Hanni Leach, Hailey Jacobson, Cece Monroe, Mary Rhoades), 1:51.20. 2, Billings Central (Ashley Schuett, Jenna Marsh, Sami Duvall, Kya Sorli), 1:55.49. 3, Helena High (Libby Hardwick, Kaitlyn Kleppelid, Erika Ackerlund, Danielle Conquergood), 1:55.59. 4, Bozeman (Molly Hamilton, Kelsi Nabity, McKinley Hall, Grace Walkuski), 1:56.98. 5, Missoula Sentinel (Kyla Dennis, Ellen Brooks, Andrea Schmidt, Makayla Crist), 1:59.68. 6, Great Falls (Katie Bjorsness, Hayley Houck, Bri Conrad, Lane Cherewatenko), 2:01.72.

200 freestyle — 1, Hailey Jacobson, MHG, 1:57.11. 2, Shelby Sechena, CMR, 1:57.12. 3, Emma Foster, HHS, 1:58.60. 4, Makayla Crist, MSN, 2:01.41. 5, Kate Murphy, HHS, 2:04.88. 6, Molly Hamilton, BOZ, 2:07.16.

200 IM — 1, Kaitlyn Kleppelid, HHS, 2:07.72. 2, Sami Duvall, BCH, 2:18.95. 3, Cece Monroe, MHG, 2:20.38. 4, Gabbi Demarinis, CHS, 2:21.59. 5, Kate Heryla, CMR, 2:25.66. 6, Hayley Houck, GFH, 2:26.07.

50 freestyle — 1, Jenna Marsh, BCH, 23.52*. 2, Kate Zimmer, MBS, 24.37. 3, Makenna Siebenaler, GHS, 25.51. 4, Cassie Krueger, FHS, 25.73. 5, Linnaya Luoma, BSV, 25.96. 6, Kelsey McElwain, HHS, 26.33.

100 butterfly — 1, Jenna Marsh, BCH, 56.10*. 2, Kate Zimmer, MBS, 58.32. 3, Andrea Schmidt, MSN, 1:00.21. 4, Callan Blossom, HHS, 1:00.37. 5, Sami Duvall, BCH, 1:00.94. 6, McKinley Hall,BOZ, 1:02.19.

100 freestyle — 1, Hanni Leach, MHG, 54.35. 2, Callan Blossom, HHS, 55.87. 3, Makayla Crist, MSN, 55.93. 4, Makenna Siebenaler, GHS, 56.47. 5, Adria Bentley, BHS, 57.42. 6, Jordan Burt, BOZ, 57.45.

500 freestyle — 1, Shelby Sechena, CMR, 5:15.17. 2, Emma Foster, HHS, 5:18.60. 3, Andrea Schmidt, MSN, 5:29.08. 4, Kate Michell, MHG, 5:29.43. 5, Kate Murphy, HHS, 5:29.95. 6, Jessica Stenberg, GHS, 5:36.39.

200 freestyle relay — 1, Billings Central (Kya Sorli, Cate Klaudt, Sami Duvall, Jenna Marsh), 1:44.22. 2, Helena (Callan Blossom, Kelsey McElwain, Kate Murphy, Emma Foster), 1:45.01. 3, Missoula Sentinel (Makayla Crist, Hailey Gray, Kyla Dennis, Andrea Schmidt), 1:47.22. 4, Missoula Hellgate (Rory Anderson, Kennedy Salonen, Baylee Everett, Maddi Reynolds), 1:47.81. 5, CMR (Morgan Shaw, Maddi Smith, Alicia Fowler, Shelby Sechena), 1:48.14. 6, Bozeman (Jordan Burt, Alexis Bahn, Alissa Thomas, Sydney Miller), 1:49.29.

100 backstroke — 1, Hanni Leach, MHG, 56.91. 2, Molly Hamilton, BOZ, 1:01.89. 3, Libby Hardwick, HHS, 1:02.11. 4, McKinley Hall, BOZ, 1:02.84. 5, Adria Bentley, BHS, 1:05.04. 6, Cece Monroe, MHG, 1:05.45.

100 breaststroke — 1, Kaitlyn Kleppelid, HHS, 1:04.48*. 2, Hailey Jacobson, MHG, 1:08.35. 3, Hayley Houck, GFH, 1:12.41. 4, Kelsi Nabity, BOZ, 1:13.08. 5, Jordan Burt, BOZ, 1:13.96. 6, Linnaya Luoma, BSV, 1:15.30.

400 freestlyle relay — 1, Missoula Hellgate (Hanni Leach, Kate Michell, Mary Rhoades, Hailey Jacobson), 3:41.55. 2, Helena (Callan Blossom, Kate Murphy, Emma Foster, Kaitlyn Kleppelid), 3:43.34. 3, Bozeman (Grace Walkuski, McKinley Hall, Molly Hamilton, Jordan Burt), 3:49.78. 4, CMR (Morgan Shaw, Kate Heryla, Alicia Fowler, Shelby Sechena), 3:53.08. 5, Billings Senior (Alyssa Boese, Bailey Kouwenhoven, Selena Tidswell, Alexys Lyle), 3:56.87. 6, Kalispell Glacier (Jessica Stenberg, Sara Burch, Emma Hornby, Makenna Siebenaler), 3:57.70.

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