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Helena High's Trey Tintinger clears 7 feet, 1 1/2 inches to set a new all-class record at the State AA Meet in Butte. Tintinger won gold at the Junior Olympics on Friday in Lawrence, Kansas, clearing 6-10.75.

Troy Shockley, 406mtsports.com

He’s still flying high.

Helena’s Trey Tintinger, fresh off setting the all-class state high jump record this past spring, was in Lawrence, Kansas, on Friday competing at the USA Track and Field Hershey National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships.

He entered gunning for an age-group record after setting the unofficial world age-group mark last year as a 14 year old. He just missed on that goal, but was still returning to Helena Friday evening with another gold medal, winning with a height of 6 feet, 10 ¾ inches.

“It was a good day,” he said. “I felt really prepared and ready for the meet. I had a feeling that I was gonna break the national record. That didn’t happen, but can’t complain because I got first place. So I feel good.

“I was super close to getting the record. I just clicked it with my heel (at 7-0.5). At first I thought I got it, but then saw the bar fall.”

The young phenom entered the spring season coming off a broken kneecap, and was rehabbing the injury throughout the year. While his knee is now far better, he’s still had some pain recently that doctors say is being caused by bone spurs.

It’s left him, at times, “feeling heavy” on his jumps, and he said it played a role today in his missing the record. But he remains positive, planning on more conditioning, rehab and physical therapy as he prepares for the upcoming basketball season.

After that, he’ll again turn his focus back to the high jump and more record-breaking performances.

The heights are certainly achievable for Tintinger. He cleared 7-1.5 in Butte at the State AA meet in May. He’ll enter his sophomore season gunning to clear the state’s unofficial record of 7-2, but his goals don’t stop there.

“Even though I didn’t clear this year, I still have a chance next year,” he said. “And next year I’m shooting for bigger goals than just the national record. I want to set the world record and get to the Junior Worlds.”

Just get there?

“And win,” he added.

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