Mollee Krum, a junior on the Huntley Project volleyball team, was born several decades too late. It seems she would be most comfortable being in the 1950s. "The main reasons I love that era is because of how much fun they have, since there is no technology to interfere with their lives," she says. "They had hangout spots with their friends, like diners, bowling alleys or the drive-ins. On top of that, it seems like they all knew how to dance and I absolutely love dancing. It was more laid back and looked like such a good time." Here are 10 things to know about Krum, whose unbeaten Red Devils play this week at the Southern B in Red Lodge as divisional tournament around the state kick into gear:

1. I can't function without my coffee in the morning, so you can really tell when I haven't had it.

2. I like to think I make a pair of irrigating boots look good.

3. My dad got me hooked on 80's rock music when I was young and I've absolutely loved it ever since.

4. Before every volleyball game I have to get a piece of Extra Wintergreen gum from my grandma. If she isn't going to be there then she gives it to me before I leave.

5. I can drive a manual and I like it almost better than an automatic.

6. I cut and bale hay in the summer for my uncle.

7. The last song I listen to before every game is "It's My Life," by Bon Jovi.

8. My all time favorite movies are Grease and Dirty Dancing. I think I'd love living in that time era!

9. My freshman year I was terrible at "hitting the floor" for volleyball. I was told I was about as graceful as a walrus.

10. I have dinner every Sunday night with my dad's side of the family. They have been doing it for as long as they can remember.

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