Martin, Hay come up empty

2001-10-21T23:00:00Z Martin, Hay come up emptyJOE KUSEK Of The Gazette Staff The Billings Gazette
October 21, 2001 11:00 pm  • 

Jess Martin had definite plans following the rodeo.

“I’m going home,” said the very tired Dillon cowboy.

Martin and fellow saddle bronc rider Denny Hay of Canada drove 1,541 miles straight through from Little Rock, Ark., to Billings. The pair left Arkansas in mid-afternoon Saturday and arrived in town Sunday at 11 a.m.

“We just switched off drivers,” Martin explained. “One guy drove, while the other slept.”

The two came to Billings for the final performance of the PRCA NILE Rodeo. Martin is 19th in the world standings, while Hay is 12th.

Neither helped themselves at Metra Sunday afternoon.

Martin was 79 points aboard Broadway — the same horse Dan Mortensen scored 82 on Thursday night — while Hay got bucked off.

It was the fourth rodeo in four days for the pair. On Thursday, they rode in Liberty, Texas. Friday it was Franklinton, La., and Little Rock on Saturday.

Sunday night will be the first time Martin has been home in three weeks.

“I hope I can remember where I hid the key,” he joked before getting a ride home from some fellow competitors.

“When I got here, I wanted to have about $50,000 won,” added Martin, who had $47,742 at the start of the week. “I was winning at Liberty and third at Franklinton. So I’m right at the door.”

Along with extremely long drives, Martin has had a few scares traveling to various rodeos.

“We had a private plane to Parhump (Nev.) but we had engine trouble,” Martin said. It (the engine problem) didn’t bother me too much until the pilot got a little nervous. They had picked me up in Dillon and were flying over the mountains. We had to leave the plane in Idaho Falls and never made the rodeo.

“And in Waco, Texas, we went through a tornado.

“It’s been real interesting the past couple of weeks.”

Martin is ping-ponging across the country to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo. The regular season ends Nov. 4.

“The NFR makes your whole year,” said Martin a three-time qualifier, 1996-98. “You go to 120 rodeos and win some money, but you don’t make any more.

“Las Vegas is where you make you’re money.”

In other events Sunday:

Canadian bull rider Greg Whitlow is a step closer to the Las Vegas honeymoon he promised his wife Twyla.

Whitlow, 15th in the world standings, rode the bull Slap Shot for 87 points and a first-place check worth $3,173, which would lift him to a more solid 12th in the standings.

“We got married on Sept. 8,” said the 27-year-old cowboy. “We honeymooned for a week, nothing special. Then I dropped her off at home and hit the road. I’ve been home once, and just for 18 hours, since then.

“Our plan is to have a bigger and better honeymoon in Las Vegas. This (check) should relieve some of the pressure.”

K.C. Jones, of Santo, Texas, used a time of 8.3 seconds in the calf roping to win calf roping average. Jones was 18.6 seconds for two runs.

Australian-turned-Canadian saddle bronc rider Glen O’Neill went 83 points on the long-leaping horse, Turtle Dove, to finish second in the final results. O’Neill is second in the world standings.

Cut Bank’s Richard Bird finished third in the bull riding with his 84-point ride on the bull, Kramer.

Scot Strauser of Havre and partner Spider Ramone of Dodson posted a time of 5.2 seconds in team roping to finish second for the second round. Miles City’s Chris Witcher and Jesse Fleming of Broadus used a time of 7.0 to finish third in the average.

The best steer wrestling time was a 4.5-second effort by Jock Campbell of Shoshoni, Wyo., while Larry Sandvick and John Stewart both scored 77 points on their bareback horses.

Saturday’s results

Bareback — Deb Greenough, Red Lodge, 84; Forest Bramwell, Pagosa Springs, Colo., 84; Kelly Wardell, Bellevue, Idaho, 81; Jason Havens, Clarkston, Wash., 78; Tigh Anderberg, Ree Heights, S.D., 76; Clint Corey, Powell Butte, Ore., 75; Joe Hampson, Ranchester, Wyo., 72; Chad Vivian, Ashland, no score.

Steer wrestling — Bob Lummus, Folsom, La., 3.4; Matt Gilbert, Ludlow, S.D., 3.8; Bill Pace, Stephenville, Texas, 4.5; Jeff Solomon, Havre, 5.0; Jason Reiss, Dickinson, N.D., 5.7; Jeremy Marn, Belt, 7.7; Chase Krone, Augusta, no time; Ivan Teigen, Capitol, no time; Nick Stubblefield, Helena, no time.

Saddle bronc — Gary Pimperton, Belt, 80; Marty Hebb, Eagle Butte, S.D., 79; Levi Wolf, Dickinson, N.D., 77; Shane Moran, Roundup, 76; Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D., 74; Jake Costello, Dillon, 69; J.T. Robbins, Dillon, 68; Jack Nystrom, Box Elder, 68; Bud Longbrake, Dupree, S.D., 67; Jeremy Crane, Baldwin, N.D., no score.

Calf roping — Brad Goodrich, Hermiston, Ore., 7.8; Bill Boyce, Lewistown, 10.7; Tommy Guy, Abilene, Texas, 10.8; Trevor Brazile, Pueblo, Colo., 11.1; Marty Becker, Manyberries, AB, 11.2; Cody Ohl, Stephenville, Texas, 11.6; Stran Smith, Tell, Texas, 15.0; C.B. Wagner, Billings, 16.6; Custis Cassidy, Donalda, AB, no time; Trent Walls, Stephenville, Texas, no time.

Team roping — Cody Ohl, Stephenville, Texas-Marty Becker, Manyberries, AB, 5.0; Jason Stewart, Royal City, Wash.-Bucky Campbell, Benton City, Wash., 6.2; Turtle Powell, Alpine, Texas-Wayne Folmer, El Paso, Texas, 10.3. No time: Bill Boyce, Lewistown-Shawn Billy, Box Elder; Mike Gollaher, Cascade-Todd Johnson, Cut Bank; Rob Kountz, Bozeman-Derick Fleming, Dillon; Tommy Guy, Abilene, Texas-Trevor Brazile, Pueblo, Colo.; Trent Walls, Stephenville, Texas-Matt Zancanella, Wyo.

Barrel racing — Molly Swanson, Simms, 14.0; Cally Goyins, Helena, 14.25; Paula Fowler, Gillette, Wyo., 14.25; Mary Aller, Pocatello, Idaho, 14.29; Karie Suhn, Riverton, Wyo., 14.3; Diana Morris, Silver Bow, 14.42; Kachena Fowler, Gillette, Wyo., 14.51; Denali Solomon, Havre, 14.59; Connie Snover, Fremont, Neb., 14.64; Tiffany Wagner, Helena, 14.88; Carol Breuer, Fairview, 19.68.

Bull riding — Tye Odden, Miller, S.D., 85; Sterling Lamb, Billings, 82; Beau Hill, West Glacier, 73. No score: Melvin Zebroski, Gillette, Wyo.; Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D.; Shane Drury, Weatherford, Okla.; Mike Moore, Fort Collins, Colo.; Jess Matt, Bridger; Clint Craig, Mena, Ark.; Rusty Friend, Calgary; Garth Oldfield, Milo, AB.

Sunday’s results:

Bareback — Larry Sandvick, Belle Fourche, S.D., 77; John Stewart, Malta, 77; Ben Wrzesinski, Helena, 72; Andy Martinez, Roggen, Colo., no score; Wade Sankey, Joliet, no score.

Steer wrestling — Jock Campbell, Shoshoni, Wyo., 4.5; Cody Browne, Wilburton, Okla., 5.0; Blake Knowles, Heppner, Ore., 5.1; Kyle Hughes, Model, Colo., 5.3; K.C. Jones, Las Animas, Colo., 5.5; Travis Taruscio, Missoula, 6.0; Spud Duvall, Checotah, Okla., 16.1; John Gee, Stanford, no time.

Saddle bronc — Glen O’Neill, Water Valley, AB, 83; Cliff Norris, Glazier, Texas, 80; Jess Martin, Dillon, 79; Ira Slagowski, Carlin, Nev., 77; Alan Bandy, Prince Albert, SK, 76; Adam Newman, Polson, 76; Ben Morrow, Australia, 74; Cody Wright, Filer, Idaho, 74; Shawn Morehead, Corrine, Utah, 71; Ross Kreutzer, Maple Creek, SK, 68; Rance Bray, Dumas, Texas, 67; Denny Hay, Mayerthorpe, AB, no score; Wade Sankey, Joliet, no score.

Calf roping — K.C. Jones, Santo, Texas, 8.3; Jeff Chapman, Airdrie, AB, 9.5; J.P. Holland, Billings, 10.3; Ryan Siemsen, Billings, 12.0; Travis Caldwell, Billings, 14.2; Gary Woodworth, Shepherd, 17.5; Justin Scofield, Flandreau, S.D., no time; Craig Korkow, Silver City, Iowa, no time; Preston Williams, Casa Grande, Ariz., no time.

Team roping — Scot Strauser, Havre-Spider Ramone, Dodson, 5.2; Chris Witcher, Miles City-Jesse Fleming, Broadus, 7.0; Tyler Vineyard, Sheridan, Wyo.-Toby Vineyard, Cave Creek, Ariz., 10.1; Brant Davis, Sand Coulee-Tell Steinbach, Wolf Creek, 11.5; Shawn Steinbach, Fort Shaw-Rick Tryan, Helena, 15.9; J.P. Holland, Billings-T.J. Ruland, Wall, S.D., no time.

Barrel racing — June Tibbetts, Terry, 14.06; Mary Crego, Belle Fourche, S.D., 14.27; Lynn Kohr, Gillette, Wyo., 14.39; Deb Schroetlin, Yuma, Colo., 14.41; Julie Voight, Beulah, N.D., 14.41; Jackie Whitcher, Gillette, Wyo., 14.55; Judy Myllymaki, Arlee, 14.57; Rachael Sproul, Arlee, 14.58; Candy Frankish, Bozeman, 15.45; Rayna Prewitt, Sidney, 19.09; Lynn Brown, Fort Collins, Colo., 19.41.

Bull riding — Greg Whitlow, Olds, AB, 87; Richard Bird, Cut Bank, 84; Billy Burt, Missoula, 75; Kagan Sirett, Neilburg, SK, 72; Vince Stanton, Weiser, Idaho, 69. No score: Myron Duarte, Auburn, Wash.; Kyle Joslin, Caldwell, Idaho; Grant Peterson, Bridger.

Final results:

Bareback — Bobby Mote, 85, 2,561; Forest Bramwell, 85, 2,561; Deb Greenough, 84, 1,643; Kelly Wardell, 81, 1,063; Cody Jessee, 78, 367; Marvin Garrett, 78, 367; Cody Demers, Boulder, 78, 367; Jason Havens, 78, 367; John Stewart, 78, 367.

Saddle bronc — Billy Etbauer, 85, 3,152; Glen O’Neill, 83, 2,417; Dan Mortensen, 82, 1,471; Red Lemmel, 82, 1,471; Marty Hebb, 81, 630; Cliff Norris, 81, 630; Scott Johnston, 80, 367; Gary Pimperton, 80, 367.

Bull riding — Greg Whitlow, 87, 3,173; Tye Odden, 85, 2,432; Richard Bird, 84, 1,798; Rick Wock, 83, 1,163; Sterling Lamb, 82, 740; Zack Brown, 78, 528; Billy Burt, 75, 423; Gregory Potter, 73, 158; Beau Hill, 73, 158.

Barrel racing — Lisa Lockhart, 13.94, 2,125; Molly Swanson, 14.00, 1,806; Angela Lockwood, 14.03, 1,487; June Tibbetts, 14.06, 1,275; Raelene Croff, 14.07, 1,062; Deb Renger, 14.08, 743; Shirlee Parini, 14.14, 531; Maria Gee, 14.17, 425; Randa Kinchen, 14.2, 345; Holly Hayworth, 14.2, 345; Skye Holman, 14.21, 265; Darcy Mapston, 14.24, 212.

Timed events

First round

Steer wrestling — Rope Myers, Athens, Texas, 3.4, 1,804; Tim Segelke, Snyder, Colo., 3.8, 1,569; T.W. Parker, Wendell, Idaho, 3.9, 1,333; Tom Hansen, 4.2, 1,098; Kent Mosher, Augusta, 4.3, 862; Rod Lyman, Victor, 4.4, 509; Nik Hamm, 4.4, 509; K.C. Jones, Santo, Texas, 4.5, 156.

Calf roping — Trent Walls, Stephenville, Texas, 7.6; Cody Ohl, Stephenville, Texas, 8.7; Billy Olson, 8.9, 1,097; Tommy Guy, Abilene, Texas, 9.0, 808; Garrett Nokes, McCook, Neb., 9.2, 269; Trevor Brazile, Pueblo, Colo., 9.2, 269; Curtis Cassidy, Donald, AB, Canada, 9.2, 269.

Team roping — Ryan Siemsen, Billings-Jhett Johnson, Casper, Wyo., 4.7, 1,006; Jason Stewart, Royal City, Wash.-Bucky Campbell, Benton City, Wash., 5.3, 832; Tyler Vineyard, Sheridan, Wyo.-Toby Vineyard, Cave Creek, Ariz., 5.7, 659; Bobby Hurler, Ceres, Calif.-Mike Beers, Powell Butte, Ore., 6.1, 485; Rob Kountz, Bozeman-Derick Fleming, Dillon, 6.3, 312; Mark Salmond, Choteau-Ty Steinbach, Wolf Creek, 7.0, 173.

Second round

Steer wrestling — Bob Lummus, 3.4, 1,686; Garrett Nokes, 3.4, 1,686; Matt Gilbert, 3.8, 1,098; Joey Bell, 3.8, 1,098; Matt Cupp, 3.8, 1,098; Tim Segelke, 3.9, 509; Rod Lyman, 3.9, 509; Jim Garrison, 4.0, 156.

Calf roping — Brad Goodrich, 7.8, 1,675; K.C. Jones, 8.3, 1,386; Troy Pruitt, 8.4, 1,097; Joe Beaver, 8.5, 808; Tim Pharr, 8.7, 404; J.P. Holland, 8.7, 404.

Team roping — Cody Ohl-Marty Becker, 5.0, 1,006; Scot Strauser-Spider Ramone, 5.2, 832; Wes Tinsley-Max Hansen, 5.5, 659; Logan Olson-Shaun Ruland, 5.6, 485; Donny Davis-Tim Garrison, 6.2, 312; Jason Stewart-Bucky Campbell, 6.2, 173.


Steer wrestling — Segelke, 7.7, 1,804; Rope Myers, 8.2, 1,569; Lyman, 8.3, 1,333; Tom Hansen, 8.6, 1,098; Lummus, 8.9, 862; Jesse Peterson, 9.3, 627; T.W. Parker, 9.4, 392; Brad Gleason, 9.5, 156.

Calf roping —K.C. Jones, 18.6, 1,675; Lyle Baumann, 18.8, 1,386; Gray Lockhart, 19.5, 953; Jeff Chapman, 19.5, 953; Brad Goodrich, 19.8, 404; Tommy Guy, 19.8, 404.

Team roping — Stewart-Campbell, 11.5, 1,006; Ryan Siemsen-Jhett Johnson, 12.1, 832; Chris Witcher-Jesse Fleming, 14.4, 659; Tyler Vineyard-Toby Vineyard, 15.8, 485; Donny Davis-Tim Garrison, 18.9, 312; Mark Salmond-Ty Steinbach, 19.4, 173.

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