Former Great American champions talk about mud, sweat and cheers

2014-07-23T21:33:00Z 2014-07-23T21:49:04Z Former Great American champions talk about mud, sweat and cheers The Billings Gazette

1. What’s your favorite Great American moment?

Petey Krunich: “That’s kind of hard. I have to say my most favorite was when (supercross star) Jeremy McGrath came out and I got to race against him when I was 13. That was pretty cool.”

Austin Teyler: “Last year when I won the overall championship runoff, all the pressure that was on. I honestly didn't know I would do it. The run felt fast itself. It was just a blur and there are so many other fast people out there from California that are on my heels every time. There are a lot of old guys out there with lots of experience, so you have to watch them out. But it’s my backyard, too.”

2. What’s the biggest challenge of the “Bentonite Nightmare?”

Petey Krunich: “Man. That’s hard. Umm. Let me think about that. The biggest challenge is being you have to race against so many close competitors that are really talented and you go to the advanced class and you race 12 different riders that are really on their game that weekend. That is the hardest part of that whole thing.”

Austin Teyler: “Getting over the top as smooth as you can. There is a lot of rough terrain. Usually up the wall. The hardest part is mid-hill. Fast and smooth is the key to that hill.”

3. Who’s your the favorite(s) to win the overall title this year?

Petey Krunich: “One person I want to win it more than anybody is I would want to see my dad (Pete Krunich) win it. He has been trying to win it since we have been coming out there. That is the one person I’d love to see win it more than anybody. Even more so than myself.”

Austin Teyler: “I would to see my dad (Todd Teyler) win. I would love to see him do it. I would love to see Tyler Cardwell, too. He is one of my close buddies. That would be cool to see him do it. He is 17 this year.”

4. What would winning the Great American mean to you?

Petey Krunich: “That would mean, probably I get to restart in hopefully trying to get five in a row. I want to try and step up the game a little bit. I’ve won it four in a row and to come back and win it again would be a huge deal for me.”

Austin Teyler: “Oh my. If I won it again, right now I’ve been thinking through my head traveling back to Montana (from California for a cousin’s wedding) to do the same thing as I did last year. Everything changes; the hill and yourself. All you have to do is pray for it and do your best. There are a lot of strong guys out there. You have to be fast and strong and hold onto those handlebars. And I have to beat Petey, a four-time champ. He’s one of my best buddies I ride with in California. That’s my goal in life, to win it four times.”

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