Fastpitch softball

Billings Force tryouts

Tryouts for the Billings Force Softball Association travel softball teams are Sept. 7 and Sept. 14 at Poly Vista Fields, located at 38th Street West and Poly Drive.

Tryouts are from 3-5 p.m. for the 12U team, noon-3 p.m. for the 14U team and 10 a.m. to noon for the 16U team. For the 10U team tryout times, email

The Force also plans for an 18U team.

BFSA is a volunteer, non-profit organization and competes in Amateur Softball Association travel events.

For information, email or call Don Bach at 406-591-6007.


Yellowstone Rifle Club

Iron sights — Mark Scott 27/2 offhand, George Hudak 26/1, Cynthia Finch 24/2, John Miller 23/2. Ed Schliechardt 21/1.

Scope — Bill Gloor 29/2, George Grossi 26/3, George Jordan 21/0.

Top offhand — George Grossi 3.


Hole in one

Brandon Campbell of North Carolina aced the No. 3 hole at Eaglerock using a pitching wedge. Witnesses: JoeLink, Zach Gorton.

Yellowstone County Senior Am

at Pryor Creek

Regular division — RJ Keller 68, Bert Bridger 69, Chuck Plum 71, John Felicioni 73, Ken Lanning 73, Rick Smith 74.

Super seniors (70-plus) — Tom Gai 71, Wally Michotte 76, Walt Degnan 78, Tom Hammerel 79, Bob Oostermeyer 79.


Monday morning ladies, blind draw partners — Lauralee Marchant-Shirley Hamby 68, Alice Stenglein-Holly Balstad 68, Alicia Lee-Susan Johnson 69.


BCSF Open — Jared Strickland-Joey Moratelli-Cody Scheierman-Sean Cronan 55, Tim Mascarena-Jay Doucette-Steve Rand-Broc Criswell 55, Keith Hagen-Mike Schlepp-Jake Means-Pat Morin 62.

Flags — 1 Pat Petrino, Tammy Taylor, 2 Kee Dunning, 3 Ryan Hart, 4 Tiffani Coleman, Steve Rand, 5 Broc Criswell, 6 Jordan Clark, 7 Greg Lezoski, 9 Christine McFadyean, 10 Cody Scheierman, Anna Studer, 11 Mike Schlepp, 12 Cody Scheierman, 13 Jeromy Burke, 14 Jeff Burt, Pam Before, 15 Dan Dalbey, 16 John Hanchett, 17 Tonja Vicars, 18 Luke Tounsley.

Seniors low gross, low net — Front 9: First flight — Gross: Bill Twilling 38. Net: John Steele 32, Quentin Gilham 34, Ken Foos 34, Jim Sears 35, George Stewart 35, Charles Peaton 35, Earl May 35, Lew Gundlach 35, Bill Johnson 35, Dave Hilde 35, Don Jones 35. Second flight — Gross: Tom McBride 39. Net: Rod Blain 31, Bob Schafer 31, Greg Branstetter 32, Zane Johnson 32, Pat Nihill 32.

Back 9: Third flight — Gross: Charles Jerabek 41, Bart Bertino 41. Net: Roy Schmidt 32, Al Visser 33, Chuck Willkom 33, Neil Morck 33, Joe Hayes 33, Jim Haffem 33. Fourth flight — Gross: Chuck Henry 41. Net: Bob D’Ewart 28, Dennis McKnire 29, Ralph Snyder 31, Dan Neary 32, David Hester 32.

Flags — 2 Quentin Gilham. 6 Russ Powers. 8 Don Jones. 9 Pat Nihill. 11 Lyle Gabrian. 13 Sonny Lockrem. 16 Joe Hayes. 18 Bart Bertino.

Men’s league, fun night — Front 9: Gross, Jason Fitzgerald-Brian Johnson-Keith Myhre 37. Net, Tim Hudson-Hunter Boyce-Robert Boyce 31. Back 9: Gross, D.J. Kovach-Connor Rakowski-Cody Scheierman 32. Net, Dan Dalbey-Bob Schicktanz-Greg Oliphant 28.4.

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