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Double Nickel

The Double Nickel Scratch Bowling Association will hold its seventh tournament of the year on Sunday at Treasure Lanes in Livingston. Shift times are 9 and 11 a.m. The second shift is limited to the first 32 bowlers who sign up for the tournament. To reserve your place in the tournament, contact Dale Matthaes at 406-696-9668 or

GYV Annual Meeting

The Greater Yellowstone Valley USBC Association will be holding its annual meeting open to all bowlers who wish to attend. The meeting will be held Saturday in the basement of Sunset Bowl starting at 1:30 p.m. This meeting will consist of election of officers and directors for the 2018-2019 season. The board will also hold a meeting at this time also to discuss board business, which should be brief. All association members are encouraged to attend.

GYV Awards Dinner and Banquet

The Greater Yellowstone Valley USBC Association awards dinner and banquet is on Saturday, March 24 at the Elks Lodge starting at 6 p.m. with a no-host social hour and dinner to follow at 7 p.m. This banquet is to honor the Hall of Fame inductee(s), Secretary of the Year, and Sponsor of the Year award winners. The awards that were won at the city tournament will also be presented at this dinner. Any monies won from the city tournament will be available at the dinner. Banquet tickets will be available at all three bowling centers in Billings (Sunset Bowl, Fireside Lanes, and Town & Country Lanes), as well as board members. The cost of the dinner will be $25 per ticket. For information, contact Iris Freeck at 647-1649 or Dale Matthaes at 696-9668.

Fireside Lanes

Fireside Weekenders: Dawn Ducharme 213-532; Anthony Slevira III 233-654

Fireside Embers: Marla Abell 216-514; Todd DeLeon 246-633

Big Sky Mixed: Suzette Comstock 178-450; Eric McJunkin 250-673

Sunday Nite Mixed: Brandy Noall 212-573; Ryan Rittenhouse 247-634

Early Risers: Amy Murphy 191-570; Tucker Schaff 268-663

Fireside Seniors: Bobbi Barcus 189-559; Dick Brown 236-656

Monday Nite Mixed: Shannon Fogelsong 225, Michelle Morgan 594; Joel Borg 268, Mike Freund 700

Drifter: Craig Marshall 253-704

Tuesday Firesiders: Margaret Solheim 190-497

Sojourners: Kristi Siroky 246-601

Heights Seniors: Vicki Clark 195-497; Mike Brophy 248, Tom Shea 648

Tuesday Night Mixed: Kathy Phillips 211-587; Wright Dobbs 278, Darin Bird 685

Harmonizers: Kristi Siroky 201, Mona Kramer 473

Jubilee Seniors: Barb Ingram 201-534; Steve Olson 223-582

Six Shooters: Cassie Huck 226, Brandy Bessmer 567

Pioneer: Eric McJunkin 257, Nathan Marston 695

Plaza: Margaret Solheim 196, Becky Hagen 508

Fireflies: Miranda Dobbs 235-593

Fireball: Brad Muri 258, Mike Lissa 695

55 & Holding: Bobbi Barcus 221-551; Chet Birkeland 221, Dick Brown 589

Firelighters: Mary Lynn Purcell 193-536

Sportsman: Jim Lyons 288, Dan Dolan 288, Damon Winslow 278-771

T.G.I.F.: Vera Hinckley 171-478; Randy Holm 231-606

Sunset Bowl

Weekenders: Sammy Leone 192-492; Ryan Rittenhouse 237, Darin Bird 633

Goodfellowship: Carrie Bishop 187, Shelene Boehm 513; Jerry Heimburger 258-720

Moonlighters: Jaimie Kunn 211-578; Nick Miller 224-617

Tuesday Night Terror: Julie Redfern 224-638; Steve Murch 279, Ron Engelhardt 708

Tuesday Night: Terri Rector 203, Marilyn Moore 500; Nathan Moore 247, Keefer Plumage 593

Wednesday Night Metro: Vic Schell 279, Travis Bird 767

Thursday Night Mixed: Darla Dunham 228-520; Mike Scheppele 258-666

Federal: Courtney McDonald 200, Barb Downs 512; Aaron Stops 253-666

Consolidated: Derek Humphrey 255-643

Mystic: Mari Ann Kale 232-588; Josh Rohloff 232-569

Sunset Youth Leagues

Sundusters: Girls 11 & Under –Kaitlyn Debus 109-197; Boys 11 & Under – Jayden VanDyke 129-256

Bowling Buddies: Girls 12 & Up – Ana Waller 201-463; Boys 12 & Up – Jorell Nagel 181, Cameron Larimer 550

300 game

Nick Haney of Billings bowled a 300 game in the Wednesday Night Metro league at Sunset Bowl. His 300 was part of a 728 series (191-300-237). It was his second 300 in league this season. Haney is carrying a 206 average.

700 series

Sunset: Damon Winslow, 213-235-255-703, Wednesday Night Metro, 211 avg.

Sunset: Steve Krell, 234-246-226-706, Weekenders, 200 avg.