Details for The Fort Belknap Tribal Housing Authority (FBTHA) is seeking Proposals

The Fort Belknap Tribal Housing Authority (FBTHA) is seeking Proposals for a 24-month General Legal Services Contract from October 15, 2018, through September 31, 2020. Contractor shall provide legal services to the FBTHA on an as-needed basis. FBTHA administers numerous housing programs for eligible tribal families on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. Sealed written proposals must be mailed or submitted in person to the Fort Belknap Tribal Housing Authority, 668 Agency Main Street, Harlem, Mt, 59526 by close of business on October 5, 2018. Late or faxed proposals will be rejected. Proposals received after this date shall be considered non-responsive and returned unopened to submitting party. Contractors must be members of the State Bar of Montana or the highest court of any other state, in good standing; and must either be a member of the Fort Belknap Tribal Court Bar or become a member within a reasonable time period. Indian Preference as required by applicable federal law applies. Contact FBTHA Executive Director Harlan Mount at (406) 353-2601 for more information. Published Sept 15 - Oct 5, 2018


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