Details for Ryan Thomsen for HD54 - Ad from 2020-10-15

ryan tHoMSEn
for HouSE diStrict 54

As someone who was born in Montana and has
spent the majority of my life here, I recognize the
importance of safeguarding our beautiful state for
generations to come.
Education – I believe in making sure that our
kids get the education they need and deserve.
The current funding mechanism is antiquated and
needs to be revised.
SEnior citizEnS – Seniors are the heartbeat of our state and must be taken care
of. We need to make sure that social security and senior programs are safeguarded
and cannot be touched.
MEntal HEaltH – We must provide more resources toward mental health to
ensure that we live in a safe state.

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Paid for by Ryan Thomsen, PO Box 20554, Billings, MT 59104 • Democrat