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Happy Independence day! AMAZiNGLy AffOrDABLE Patriot 1549 sq. ft. PHENOMENALLy AffOrDABLE freedom 69 1771 sq. ft. Drywall T/O, Kaffe Shaker cabinets, box beam exterior walls 3 bedroom, 2 bath, granite island, 2 x 6 exterior, maximum insulation, box beam sidewall and marriage walls. 2 bath , granite island , KcMA cabinet, drywall T/O, box beam sidewalls and marriage wall, 2 x 6 exterior and 2 x 4 interior walls , hardwood trim LiST OrDEr $74,500 LiST PricE $124,867 LiST PricE $152,357 MAjESTicALLy AffOrDABLE 1 rEMAiNiNG!!! MAjESTic HOMES LOcATiON MODEL PricE $59,800 MAjESTic HOMES PricE $100,000 MAjESTic HOMES PricE $130,895 Modular Homes that will rival the best site-built home at an UNBEATABLE low cost Check out our new virtual home tours @ Majestic HoMes 5202 Laurel Rd., Billings MT 1-800-349-0229 • 406-248-1412 Monday-Friday 9AM- 5PM • Saturday 9AM to 3PM

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