Details for Sales Professional

If you are experienced in giving exceptional customer service, have the drive to earn unlimited income and want to build a career as an automotive sales representative working with exciting new products, we look forward to talking with you.

We know that there are a lot of options for experienced salespeople.

So what drives a salesperson to choose one place over another?

Product - You need to have a product that customers want to buy. WE DO!

Work Environment - You spend a lot of time at work so you need to enjoy being there. WE HAVE THAT!

Schedule - You need enough hours to make a living, but not so many that you get burnt out. WE HAVE A 5 DAY WORK WEEK!

Consistent Advertising to generate traffic. WE HAVE THAT!

Needs to be clean and simple for both the salesperson and the customer with no games or gimmicks. WE HAVE THAT!

And finally - a pay plan that is as good as our product...

Consider these things and if you don't currently have them, send me a note.

We only need 1 salesperson. Our staff is long-term, stable, and secure. Do yourself a favor and look into this opportunity.

A candid conversation costs you nothing. Email your resume to or give Eric a call at 406-238-4000.


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