Details for Ageless Skin - Dr. Oz Explains


Dr. Oz Explains How
To Have A Facelift
Without Plastic Surgery

Dramatic Announcement by Famous TV Doctor
Sends Women Flocking To Phone Lines For Free
Bonus Bottles Of New Breakthrough Discovery
(New York, NY)
Recently, before a nationwide audience, leading health expert and TV
personality Dr. Mehmet Oz
announced a new medical
discovery that revitalizes
aging, dull skin and helps
lifts away wrinkles, crow’s
feet and dark under-eye
skincare regimens, painful
Botox injections, or costly
surgical procedures!
how this incredible new
‘food for the skin’ could
help millions of people,
confirming the findings
of independent health
researcher Mark Spricer,
founder of a new non-surgical procedure called
“Dermal Microemulsion”
which removes years from
the appearance of anyone
using it regularly.
And best of all, Mr.
how you can get try this
new at-home “Dermal
Microemulsion” procedure
at-home without risking
a single penny and prove
to yourself that without
plastic surgery, without
Botox and without spending hundreds of dollars a
month on different skin
creams, you can now revitalize your skin and make
it young again!

Dr. Oz, Elle, Vogue,
GQ, and Daily Mail
Now Behind New
‘Skin Food’
After seeing the incredible clinical proof, it’s no
surprise that everyone
from millions of everyday
Americans to the world’s
leading medical experts,
celebs and media publications are going crazy for
this new nutritional ‘food’
for the skin.
The Daily Mail says “The
revolutionary ingredient is
a peptide that works like
Botox, revealing visibly
toned, lifted skin.”
Elle Magazine says it
“visibly smoothes out
wrinkles in as quick as
four weeks”
Dr. Oz praises it as “a
gentler version of Botox
you can apply yourself”.
The famous TV personality adds that unlike anything else of its kind, this
new skin food compound
works without needles,
making it a perfect solution for those with aging
skin who can’t afford a
facelift and don’t want to
deal with painful botox

Combats Skin
‘Oxidation’ At
The Cellular Level
Most importantly, it
could be the answer key
to targeting the real reason
your skin ages.
“most Americans dealing
with aging skin don’t
know it, but they’re
stuck with a buildup of
toxic free radicals in the
skin’s underlying support
Free radicals are deadly
compounds that cause
inflammation, accelerate
aging, and dull the skin
through a process called
‘cellular oxidation’. They

Call Now!

like 54 y.o. Mrs. Patty H. are throwing away Botox scripts
and surgical procedures after trying this new AgelessSkin
breakthrough that has her looking nearly 20 years younger.
build up after decades of
exposure to everything
from chemicals and GMOs
in food, to exhaust from
fumes, paints, and factory-made products, and of
course, the sun’s UV rays.

This allows Argireline,
for the first time, to penetrate the skin’s deepest
layers without suffering
through painful injections,
regular doctor visits or
expensive procedures.

After they seep into
your sub-dermal tissues
– there are 7 layers in
total, deep beneath the
surface of the skin – your
skin cells ‘oxidate’ which
causes them to shrink and
collapse inside, leaving
your external appearance
caved in.

That’s why it’s no
surprise that AgelessSkin,
the Doctor’s revolutionary
so quickly you could see
a noticeable improvement
in the mirror after just 7
days, and then be amazed
week after week as your
complexion looks years,
even decades younger,
without using multiple
products or layers of
makeup! And it only gets
better from there!

That’s why both Botox
and plastic surgery have
to cut deep into your skin
to reach shrunk, collapsed
tissues from all 7 layers –
which until now was the
only way to moisturize
and prop up the skin
while erasing lines and

A New, Natural
Alternative To Botox
and Plastic Surgery
With today’s release of
the new breakthrough ‘skin
food’ cream AgelessSkin,
your body receives all the
phytonutrients, peptides,
and proteins it needs to
reduce facial wrinkles,
hydrate and plump the
skin, and restore a more
youthful complexion.
AgelessSkin works so
spectacularly and quickly
due to Argireline, a “miraculous”
peptide discovered by
medical researchers in
Barcelona, Spain.
plant-derived compound
is similar to Botox in its
mechanism of action as it
“freezes” nerve-to-muscle
potential. In other words,
the peptide compounds
that make up Argireline
reduce nerve signals to
the facial muscles, which
limits subtle facial expressions and reduces deep
wrinkles and fine lines in
the process.
“Argireline is a synthetic molecule that in the
lab setting can interfere
with proteins involved in
muscle contraction. These
complexes interact with
muscles responsible for
facial expression and can
inhibit their movement,
improving wrinkles,” says
Dr. Jeffrey Fromowitz, a
dermatologist from Boca
Raton, FL.

Penetrates All 7
Layers With Dermal
There have been other
creams with Argirelinebased formulations, but
typical preparations have
not been strong enough
for all skin types.
technology comes to play
through a compound
called NaturaBase™ - a
natural “carrier base”
that quickly reaches all 7
sub-dermal layers.

Improves Wrinkles
Up To 32% in First
28 Days
“In just 2 weeks, the
studies show a 17% reduction in wrinkles – and
after 28 days, we’re seeing
a 32% reduction in wrinkle depth, all while reducing dark under-eye-circles,
frown marks and crow’s
feet,” says Mr. Spricer.
Best of all, AgelessSkin
also includes Pentavitin
which locks in moisture
for 72 hours while reducing the appearance of
fine lines…Trylagen PCB
which increases collagen
production and reduces
wrinkle depth up to 29%
after just one month…
and both Lipogard and
GluCare® S to fight cellular
oxidation and combat the
damaging effects of UV
The end result is finally,
for the first time in a
nature’s most powerful
compounds penetrate deeply
into all 7 layers of the
skin, revitalizing collapsed sub-dermal layers
and plumping up sagging
skin smoother, tighter and
more beautiful.
Remember that with
this new discovery it’s
also possible to never
again suffer through the
pain, stress, and expense
of Botox injections of plastic surgery to firm, tighten
and smooth skin and
restore youthful beauty.

Enjoy 3 FREE Jars of
AgelessSkin Today!
In Montana, the manufacturer has agreed to give
away up to 3 FREE jars
with a qualifying order to
satisfy demand after dozens of high-profile media
This special regional offer is for the next 48 hours
only due to severe supply
AgelessSkin now by calling
toll-free 1-800-430-6078.
Don’t forget to ask
about your free bonus jar
worth $59 with qualifying
orders or your 3 FREE
jars (per household) with
a larger order. Call Today!

PLEASE NOTE: All creams are mixed in the manufacturer’s FDA-registered, Doctor-approved laboratory in Florida where
they have invested in top medical technology to produce one of the purest, most powerful skin food formulas available
today! Creams are only produced in small, limited batches and once sold out, may not be available for 6-8 weeks.
AgelessSkin uses the breakthrough technology of Dermal Microemulsion which allows nutrients to penetrate deeply into
the skin and feed all 7 sub-dermal layers, producing noticeable results within 7 days and a full transformation with
long-term use. Individual results may vary.


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