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First time available in this state - without a prescription!

Weight Loss Spray Sells Out
After Doctors Announce
Study Results
People lost an average of 24.5 Pounds in 8
weeks with no change in diet or exercise
Since the weight loss
spray CELLTRIM was
released Tuesday, the
company cannot keep
up with demand from
the public.
Maybe its because
this new diet spray
underwent what is
considered the “gold
standard” for proof
of effectiveness: a
double-blind, placebo-controlled human
clinical trial.
Dr. Eric Wood, N.D.
says, “We �inally have
a natural weight loss
product that is proven
clinically. As a doctor,
this is the �irst natural
diet aid I can recommend to my patients
for safe and effective
weight loss. Every patient of mine who has
tried CELLTRIM Spray
has had remarkable
weight loss.”
Amazing Clinical
Trial Results
Here are the facts.
Researchers conducted a clinical trial
on 297 people with
varying levels of metabolic dysfunction.
They gave half the
people the compound
and half the people a
placebo twice daily
before meals. Both
groups were instructed NOT to change
their diet or exercise.
The results shocked
even the researchers. The people who
took the compound in
CELLTRIM lost an average of 12.2 pounds
after 4 weeks and 24.5
pounds at the end of
the 8 week study.

The people also saw
a signi�icant reduction
in body fat at 4 and 8
weeks (5.6%, 11.3%),
waist size (2.5”, 4.2”),
and hip size (1.75”,
3.5”). Many people
commented they noticed a large reduction
in fat in their abdomen (stomach) area.
That’s equal to 3
pants sizes for men …
and 4 dress sizes for
women lost in only
eight weeks.
Dr. Wood said other
markers of improved
health were also documented:
Fasting blood sugar
levels decreased by
27.7% while insulin
levels dropped 10.4%
after 8 weeks compared to the placebo
LDL cholesterol was
reduced 49% and
triglycerides were
reduced 69.5%. The
“good” type of cholesterol, HDL, increased
an average of 55.5%
after 8 weeks. These
levels of improvement,
especially in HDL, are
rarely observed with
consumption of botanical extracts. Total
cholesterol also decreased by 44%.
Blood pressure, both
systolic and diastolic,

Popular Weight Loss Spray Causes Sales Frenzy : Concerned
about stampedes, injuries and legal liability, retail sales have
been stopped by the company. Demand for new diet spray is
overwhelming because people lost an average of 24.5 Pounds
in 8 weeks with no change in diet or exercise in clinical trial.
Guaranteed results or get 100% of your money back.

which were elevated
at the beginning of
the study, were reduced to near normal
level of 120/82. This
is evidence CELLTRIM
helps promote metabolic wellness in ways
that can support cardiovascular health.
How The Spray
Causes Weight Loss
You press down the
button to spray the
mist into your mouth
before each meal. It
has a light pleasant
mint taste. That’s all
you have to do.

The main nutrient in CELLTRIM
Spray has U.S. Patent
#8,361,523. It contains polyphenols that
help enhance insulin
sensitivity. This allows more blood sugar to be used for energy and less converted
to fat. This is how you
become slimmer and
Currently, the opposite is happening in
your body. In people
who are overweight,
insulin function decrease, leading cells to
become “resistant” to
the action of insulin.
The result: your insulin levels stay elevated
for longer – so much
of the extra blood sugar is converted into
fat and stored in your
fat cells, resulting in
weight gain.
CELLTRIM Spray also
causes weight loss by
its relationship to the
hormone leptin and
C reactive protein.
Leptin is a master
hormone produced by
fat cells that regulate
satiety and appetite
control— it sends signals to the brain and
lets it know that your
stomach feels “full.” C
reactive protein intercepts the leptin before
it can make it to the
brain, and therefore,
the sensation of feeling hungry is not felt
as much.
CELLTRIM spray uses
the breakthrough NutraMist Delivery System. The spray is INSTANTLY ABSORBED
into your body. The
tiny molecules bypass
the digestive tract
and enter your bloodstream ... compare
this to a supplement
pill, where much of
an ingredient is NOT

absorbed due to the
digestive process.
“This spray works
quite different than
other weight loss
products. People who
have tried other products before can �inally
�ind success with this
different approach.
One couple who had
tried everything before without success
each lost over 45
pounds and have kept
it off ” remarked Dr.
It is NOT sold in store
or online. The main
nutrient in CELLTRIM
Spray is Dyglo�it™. It
is all-natural, GRAS-af�irmed (the FDA rating
of “Generally Recognized as Safe”). There
are no stimulants or
dangerous chemicals.
The clinical study is
published in Functional Foods in Health 13;
How To Try
with Weight Loss
Results Guaranteed
work great for you –
with a 90-day unconditional money-back
guarantee. It is NOT
sold in stores or online. No prescription
or doctor visit is required.
This is the of�icial
release of CELLTRIM
Spray in the state. A
Regional Order Hotline has been set up
for local readers to
call. This gives everyone an equal chance to
try CELLTRIM Spray.
Starting at 7:00 am
today, the order hotline will be open for
only 48-hours for this
special offer.
The product is back
in stock now. But
quantities are limited and it is expected
to be sold out again
very soon. All you
have to do is CALL
1-888-494-0687 and
provide the operator
with the special discount approval code:
Important: Due to
popularity and recent media exposure
on ABC, CBS, and FOX
NEWS, phone lines are
often busy. If you call
and do not immediately get through, please
be patient and call
back. Those who miss
the 48-hour special
discount offer must
pay more for CELLTRIM Spray.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent
any disease. Results based upon averages. Models are used in all photos to protect privacy


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