Details for Dry Needling Workshop

Attention Dry Needling! You’ve probably heard about it, but what exactly is Dry Needling? How can it help treat a multitude of painful injuries? • Do you suffer from acute muscle strain, back pain, TMJ, headaches, or persistent pain in the shoulder or knees? • Do you suffer from other neurological pain, such as Fibromyalgia? • Has your physician recommended dry needling, but you aren’t sure what it is? Dry needling (sometimes called “Trigger Point Dry Needling”) is done by physical therapists to treat myofascial pain. When muscles are knotted up, they are sensitive and can be painful to the touch. Dry needling is used to increase the range of motion that may be limited due to muscle tightness or scar tissue. It can be used on a variety of injuries, including: joint problems, back pain, migraine and headaches, TMJ, whiplash, and repetitive motion disorders like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The therapists at North 40 Physical Therapy have performed dry needling on hundreds of people, and they want to share information with you about this safe, effective treatment! So, by request, we are hosting a FREE Dry Needling Workshop Wednesday, Sept. 25th from 6-7 pm North 40 Physical Therapy, 1520 24th Street West, Billings If you are looking for answers about Dry Needling, here’s what you’ll learn: • What Dry Needling is and what it isn’t • What types of injuries are most effectively treated by Dry Needling • How Dry Needling works to help alleviate pain How Do I Register for the FREE Dry Needling Workshop? Call our office - 406-318-8340 Seating is limited to the first 20 callers so if you would like to attend, be sure to register now! Looking forward to seeing you there, The Physical Therapy Team at North 40 Physical Therapy

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