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Eliminate Belly Fat with Vinegar!

Find Out How…

by James Victor
If you want to lose weight and keep
it off -- hate dieting and are tired of
taking pills, buying costly diet foods or
gimmick “fast loss” plans that don’t
work-- you’ll love the easy Vinegar way
to lose all the pounds you want to lose.
And keep them off!
Today, the natural Vinegar weight loss
plan is a reality after years of research by
noted vinegar authority Emily Thacker.
Her just published book “Emily’s Vinegar
Diet Book” will help you attain your ideal
weight the healthiest and most enjoyable
way ever.
You’ll never again have to count calories.
Or go hungry. Or go to expensive diet
salons. Or buy pills, drugs.
If you like food and hate dieting, you’ll
love losing weight the Vinegar way.
Suddenly your body will be energized
with new vigor and zest as you combine

nature’s most powerful, nutritional foods
with vinegar to trim away pounds and
look years younger.
You’ll feel and look years younger
shedding unhealthy pounds that make one
look older than their age.
In fact, the book’s program is so
complete that it also helps you:
• Learn secrets of ageless beauty and
glowing skin
• Help build the immune system, to fight
arthritis and disease
• Speed the metabolism to use natural
thermogenesis to burn fat
PLUS so much more that you simply
must use the book’s easy Vinegar way
to lose all the weight you want to lose-and enjoy all its other benefits-- before
deciding if you want to keep it.
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Do Amish People Know
Something That Doctors Don’t?
by James Victor
If you are concerned about prescription
drugs and their side effect... not to mention their spiraling cost... Look at the
Amish. They are robust and healthy.
Yet they rely on simple, drug-free home
remedies and folk medicine for their
everyday health problems.
Their philosophy is “What’s old is of
the good.” They claim their folk medicines,
handed down from generation to generation,
still work today for everything from colds
to kee-gretz (foot fungus.)
An encyclopedia of their natural health
secrets, called Amish Health Secrets is
now available to the general public. It has
hundreds of proven home remedies using
simple items you have around your home
like vinegar, salt, soda, onions – even
olive oil. You’ll be amazed at the ordinary
spices and herbs the Amish use for their
health qualities.
Learn natural Amish folk medicine
secrets for common health problems like

• Backache? This home-made liniment
has been used for years to relieve aches
and pains.
• Poor memory? The Amish swear by
this common plant to sharpen the memory.
• Can’t take aspirin? Discover the natural
ingredients that have pain killing properties.
• Allergies? Learn how to use nature’s
• Arthritis pain? An all-natural tonic
can give hours of relief.
• Prostate trouble? A good dose of this
ordinary tea is the Amish secret.
• Trouble sleeping? This simple remedy
is said to induce a peaceful slumber.
• Nervous? Enjoy blissful tranquility
without drugs.
Amish Health Secrets also reveals
natural health tips for: constipation, cold
sores, menopausal problems, sinus
trouble, hemorrhoids, varicose veins,
age spots, flu and more.
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Plain Old Baking Soda a Drugstore in a Box
by James Victor
Medical science recognizes the
medicinal value of baking soda. For
example, it is used in kidney dialysis
to reduce levels of acids in the bloodstream. But there are hundreds of
everyday uses for baking soda you’ve
never heard of. They’re all in an amazing book, now available to the general
public, by noted author, Emily Thacker.
Discover over 600 remedies using
baking soda with other ordinary household
items like: vinegar, lemon, toothpaste,
sugar, salt and more. A little baking soda
with a pinch of this and a dash of that can:
• Make a SORE THROAT feel better
• Ease the pain of BEE STINGS and
• Help PSORIASIS sufferers
• Dry up ACNE and POISON IVY
• Clear up a STUFFY NOSE and

• Help relieve VAGINAL ITCHING
• Treat ATHLETE’S FOOT naturally
And there’s much more... just whip up
an easy baking soda recipe to make:
• A powerful bleaching formula for
• Homemade scouring powder
• Drain cleaner for clogged drains
• Dishwasher detergent that makes
dishes gleam
• An oven cleaner that eliminates elbow
• Allergy-free deodorizers
• Upholstery cleaner that makes fabrics
look new
• A cleaner for copper pot bottoms
• A great rust remover
• A lifesaver for white rings and spots
on wood furniture
• The perfect cleaner for gold, silver
and pearl jewelry
• A tooth whitener that makes teeth
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An Ounce of Cayenne Pepper
is Worth a Pound of Cure
by James Victor
It has been called the most powerful
heart remedy known to medical science
because of its amazing ability to stop a
heart attack in just 30 seconds.
Famed physician and herbalist Dr.
John Christopher reported: “In 35 years
of medical practices I have never lost one
heart attack patient.” That’s because when
Dr. Christopher got there, he would immediately give his patients a precise dose of
cayenne pepper… and within minutes they
would be up and walking around.
A new book called Cayenne Cures is
now available that tells you exactly how
to use cayenne pepper to take advantage
of it’s remarkable healing powers.
Besides stopping a heart attack instantly, cayenne has been proven to
cleanse clogged arteries, lower blood
pressure, reduce cholesterol, normalize
blood sugar levels, reduce triglycerides
and dissolve the fibrin which causes the
formation of blood clots.
Doctors have verified that cayenne
feeds your heart and has a profound energizing effect on your entire circulatory

system. Cayenne quickly starts moving
blood and equalizing blood pressure. It
regulates the flow of blood from the
head to the feet and influences the heart
Cayenne, used correctly, is uniquely
effective for improving blood flow. It
helps dissolve blockages and restrictions
and stimulates blood flow so that vitamins,
nutrients and oxygen are properly delivered
to all areas of your body.
Contrary to popular opinion, cayenne
does not burn the lining of your stomach.
Instead, it has been shown to actually
heal stomach ulcers and rebuild damaged
tissue. It can also:
• Relieve arthritis pain and fibromyalgia
• Improve digestion
• Relieve constipation
• Improve allergies and asthma
• Relieve sore throats, colds and flu
• Heal infections & wounds
• Stop headache pain
• Flush out waste products and toxins
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Vinegar is like a
Drugstore in a Bottle
by James Victor
Thousands of years ago ancient
healers trusted apple cider vinegar,
and modern research shows - vinegar
truly is a wonder cure!
From the Bible to Cleopatra to
the fierce Samurai warriors of Japan,
vinegar has been documented as a
powerful tonic to ensure strength,
power and long life.
You’ll get easy recipes that mix
vinegar with other common household
items to help:
• Calm an upset stomach
• Ease leg cramps
• Soothe sprained muscles
• Control appetite to lose weight
• Relieve coughs
• Banish nausea
• Arthritis pain
• Make hiccups disappear
• Cool a sunburn
• Boost memory
• Reduce sore throat pain
• Relieve itchy skin
• Lower blood pressure & cholesterol
• Eliminate bladder infections
• Chase away a cold
• Treat burns


Reduce infection
Aid digestion
Improve memory
Soothe sore feet
Treat blemishes & age spots
Remove corns & calluses
Replace many household cleaners
And that’s just the beginning of
the over 1000 new and improved hints
and tips that you’ll get.
Strep and Staph infections? Vinegar
is a powerful antiseptic and kills even
these dangerous bacteria on contact.
Headaches will fade away with
this simple vinegar concoction.
Feel good and look good with
these hair and skin-friendly vinegar
You’ll learn when you should and
should not use vinegar.
Yes that’s over 1000 tried-and-true
remedies and recipes in this handsome
collector’s edition and it’s yours to
enjoy for 90-risk free days. That’s
right, you can read and benefit from
all 168-pages without obligation to
keep it.
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Hydrogen Peroxide Can Heal WHAT?
by James Victor
Hydrogen peroxide is trusted by
every hospital and emergency room
in the country for its remarkable
ability to kill deadly germs like
E. coli and the swine flu virus. In fact,
it has attracted so much interest
from doctors that over 6000 articles
about it have appeared in scientific
publications around the world.
Research has discovered that
hydrogen peroxide enables your
immune system to function properly
have found it can shrink tumors and
treat allergies, Alzheimer’s, asthma,
clogged arteries, diabetes, digestive
problems and migraine headaches.
Smart consumers nationwide are
also discovering there are hundreds
of health cures and home remedy
uses for hydrogen peroxide. A new
book called The Magic of Hydrogen
Peroxide is now available that tells
you exactly how to use hydrogen
peroxide by itself... and mixed with
simple everyday kitchen items... to
make liniments, rubs, lotions, soaks
and tonics that treat a wide variety
of ailments.
It contains tested and proven health
cures that do everything from relieving
chronic pain to making age spots go
away. You’ll be amazed to see how a
little hydrogen peroxide mixed with a
pinch of this or that from your cupboard can:
• Relieve arthritis, rheumatism &
• Treat athlete’s foot, foot and nail
• Clear up allergies and sinus

• Soothe sore throats, fight colds
and flu
• Help heal boils and skin infections
• Whiten teeth without spending a
• Destroy dental bacteria and heal
• Help heal cold sores, canker sores
• Relieve insect bites and stings
• Soothe sore feet, soothe muscle
• Help minor wounds and cuts heal
• Clear up acne, rashes and age spots
• Help heal yeast infections
The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide
also shows you how to make money
saving household cleaners that:
• Kill germs on kitchen surfaces
and utensils
• Make a powerful scouring powder
that works wonders on sinks, refrigerators and ovens
• Disinfect coffee makers, tea pots
and blenders
• Sanitize wood cutting boards and
• Make wood floors, grout and
linoleum gleam
• Kill bacteria on fruits, vegetables
and meats
• Clean toilets, tubs, showers
• Clean and disinfect pet stains
• Remove mold and mildew
• Remove wine, ink and blood stains
• Boost laundry detergents
• Clean windows & mirrors
• Rid pets of parasites
• Make plants flourish
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