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FOR EVERY WOMAN Dr. Cheryl S. Cook, MD, is the first physician in Montana to offer diVa – a TM breakthrough solution to women’s most intimate challenges and overall vaginal health. diVa can help women who are: TM · · · · Experiencing symptoms of menopause Unable to take estrogen – such as breast cancer survivors Experiencing vaginal issues caused by childbirth Want to tone and tighten vaginal tissues Non-surgical · Non-hormonal · Is diVa right for you? TM Call Lizz or Erin at 656.1244 to schedule a FREE Fully customizable Dr. Cook is the only person at Velum who performs laser procedures. private consultation TOP 20 IN THE NATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT IN SKIN REJUVENATION LOOK RADIANT, FEEL CONFIDENT. TRUST YOUR SKIN TO DR. COOK. 178 S 32ND ST W I SUITE 3 B I L L I N G S , M T I 59102 406.656.1244 VELUMSKIN.COM

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