Details for USS Billings -Coins and Crew

USS BillingS lCS 15 sioned e commis b o t d le schedu CS 15 is L s g n li il SB THE US nts, . ch as eve st 3, 2019 u u s g , s u e s A n n e ioning o p Commiss elated ex r e g h t in y n b io ip and id miss ort the sh e fully pa r p a p All Com u s t s if o g h s, and eers w reception staffed by volunt ed States Navy. , ee the Unit Committ e crew omen of w d n upport th vent, a s n n e a c m u e o h t ugust, y istoric e tend in A orabilia for this h t a ’t n a c off ! If you f mem a piece o a memorable send n w O ! w no rew give the c bsite and help o our we G “The Commissioning is August 3rd at Key West for the day... Our relationship with the Uss Billings Crew will be for a Lifetime.” R Go t LCS15.O S G N I L wag! SBIL www.US se your very own s a to purch cial dition Offi n Limited E llenge Coi ha C g in Commission die ning Hoo ommissio Official C ning Cap ommissio Official C ning Polo ommissio Official C ommittee Official C Coin e Challeng ning Tee ommissio Official C To pick up merchandise visit: Downtown Billings Alliance 116 n. 29th Billings, MT 59101 For more information and to donate visit www.USSBillingSlCS15.ORg or call 406-647-6391

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