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“What urinary incontinence?” BTL EmsellaTM is an FDA-cleared breakthrough treatment for incontinence. Available for women of all ages, the procedure is non-invasive – patients remain fully clothed – and there is no downtime. A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes, and patients need about 6 treatments to achieve maximum results. F DA C L E A R E D T R E AT M E N T FOR INCONTINENCE R E M A I N F U L LY CLOTHED N O N - I N VA S I V E WA L K- I N WA L K- O U T PROCEDURE Call today to see if BTL Emsella is right for you. SPECIAL OFFER Book 6 BTL Emsella treatments by May 31 and receive a $200 VALUE Call Lizz or Erin for a complimentary consultation. LOOK RADIANT, FEEL CONFIDENT. TRUST YOUR SKIN TO DR. COOK. 406.656.1244 VELUMSKIN.COM 178 S 32ND ST W I SUITE 3 BILLINGS, MT I 59102

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