Pros to Know: SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Sampling Smart Home Tech By ANNA CHANG-YEN | Green Shoot Media Technology is making our homes smarter than ever, allowing us to do everything from turning on a light switch to locking the front door to setting the thermostat from anywhere we can get a wireless phone signal. Although some of that technology can be pricey, you don’t have to invest big bucks into a whole-home automation system to enjoy the safety and convenience of controlling your home from afar. Stay connected and in control of your home with a relatively small investment. Protected and connected With Security Management Systems, you’ll know the most reliable technology available is protecting your family or facility. SMS is a proven, stateof-the-art security and system integration company providing solutions for thousands of homes and businesses across the region. SMS provides excellent protection and advanced communications to help ensure that alarm signals get through to its UL Listed Alarm Monitoring Center – no matter what. a lamp on downstairs. Smart light switches are equally useful for turning on the porch light when you arrive home late at night or programming the lights on a schedule while you’re away. Be In controL Never leave the power on again. With a wide variety of home automation devices including light switches and outlets, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that curling iron you left on the in the bathroom is off, or the back lights are off when you leave for work. Or make life easier when you’re just dozing off and realize you left KnoW on tHe Go Wondering if your online shopping purchase has arrived, what time your kids got home from school or how much junk food they snagged from the pantry? Discrete residential cameras that broadcast video to your smartphone, tablet or pc allow you to keep tabs on your family when you’re not home. Point one at your garden to find out which critters have been munching on your lettuce or use it in the nursery to check in on your baby while he’s with the sitter. LandLordS Smart thermostats, door locks, security systems and smoke detectors can help landlords’ jobs easier by allowing them to stay in the loop and assist renters during emergencies. For example, a remote moisture detector and shutoff for water valves can help protect a property from water damage. A wireless thermostat can help save on energy costs when landlords are footing the bill. Many units can be set to allow renters some control for their comfort, within pre-set maximum levels. Being able to monitor the thermostat remotely may alert you to extreme usage or other problematic trends. A range hood that turns on whenever a certain amount of smoke or heat is detected can keep homes safe and free from excessive odors. Remotely limit water heater temperatures to prevent scalding accidents or find out if a garage door is left open at night. With Security Management Systems, you can protect your investment so it keeps working for you and your renters for years to come. We have products to fit your individual needs. No Games, Gimmicks or long Term Contracts. Just straight forward service you can trust. Residential Services Over 20 years’ experience servicing Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. CAll us TODAy! (406) 245-1533 • 24 hour UL listed alarm monitoring • Home automation including thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors and switches. • Disaster prevention including smoke, fire, water carbon monoxide, and low/high temperature sensors. • Wireless IP video solutions • PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) • Total connect remote access.This gives you the ability to view video, arm/disarm your security system, control lights, locks, switches, garage doors or thermostats, and track vehicles or assets via GPS tracking. 1045 Central Ave, Billings MT

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