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Med cal
d i r e c t

o r y

assisTed living

hearing aids

Autumn care center

rehder Balance &

“Premier Quality Care, Enriched

Hearing, inc

Staffing Pattern, Home-like Setting,

Douglas E. Rehder, Au.D.

All Inclusive Rate”

Crystal B. Dvorak, Au.D.

Westend Location, Billings

Maggie Luers, Au.D.


Brandy Dillon, H.I.S.

cPaP / cPaP suPPlies

Audiologist/Hearing Aids
1101 N. 27th St., Suite e, Billings

Juro’s Pharmacy Health

(406) 245-6893 • 1-800-227-3181

and Wellness

We offer a full range of CPAP and respiratory
products and services. Delivery, expert
training, and follow up support provided. We


riverStone Health

also provide Sleep Apnea screening.

Hospice Services

2043 Grand Avenue, Billings

“Connecting You to a Better Life”


Quality Compassionate Care
Residential Hospice Home


Bereavement/Grief Counseling


Medicare, Medicaid & Private Insurance

Naturopathic clinic

(406) 651-6500

Patricia Holl, D.C.
Chronic Pain Relief
720 North 30th St., Billings

in-hoMe healTh care


riverStone Health

Home care Services


“Connecting You to a Better Life”

Brewer dental center
E. Wade Wilde, DMD
Benjamin R. Holloway, DMD
Russell S. Homer, DDS
M. Bryant Low, DMD
Thad W. Honaker, DMD
J. David Clark, DDS

We Bring Care to You
Nursing, Therapy Services, Social
Services, Medicare, Medicaid and Private
Serving the Community Since 1974
(406) 651-6500

Charles L. Shumway, DDS


Victoria Walling, DDS


Elizabeth Smith, DMD, MSD
Zachary Smith, DMD, MSD

Family, cosmetic, implants,
Sedation & orthodontics
2900 central Ave, Billings

Naturopathic clinic
Margaret Beeson, ND
Kaila Sellars, ND
Ryan Turnewitsch, ND
Melissa Manda, ND

710 Main St, Billings

Shelah Deans, ND

(406) 656-6100

Chris Ballantine, ND

Voted “Best dental Practice”

720 N. 30th St, Billings

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(406) 259-5096

2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

faMily PracTice


Fuller Family Medicine

Montana Foot clinic

4045 Avenue B, Billings

Mathias Fettig, D.P.M.

(406) 651-9355

3419 central Ave. Suite B

(406) 245-0888 • (800) 214-0888

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