Details for Community Seven - Ad from 2020-10-18


Billings Community Cable

Channels 7 & 8
SUNDAY, October 18th
7:00a Grace and Truth
8:00a Trinity Lutheran Church
9:00a Peace Lutheran Church
9:30a St. Lukes Episcopal Church
10:30a Peace Studies
11:00a Colour In Your Life
11:30a Our Montana
12:00p County Commissioners
1:30p The Library Show
2:00p Vintage Vehicles
2:30p Train Time
3:00p Eckankar
3:30p So. Tx Conjunto
4:00p Callings
4:30p Wine Country
5:00p Building Remarkable
5:30p Lifes Highway
6:00p Peace Lutheran Church
6:30p Live Here! Give Here!
7:00p Your City
7:30p Montana Heritage Tour
8:00p Our Montana
8:30p The Garage
9:00p City Council- replay
MONDAY, October 19th
8:30a Major Miller
9:30a The Garage
10:30a Billings Cultural Partners
11:00a Callings
11:30a Building Remarkable
12:30p Campus Connection
1:00p Live Here! Give Here
1:30p The Library Show
2:00p Vintage Vehicles
3:00p Wine Country
3:30p Train Time
4:00p In The Crucible of Change
5:30p SD2 Board Meeting
5:30p City Council on Channel 8
TUESDAY, October 20th
8:30a Colour in Your Life
9:00a Live Here! Give Here!
9:30a County Commission-Live
11:00a Billings Cultural Partners
11:30a Our Montana
12:00p Building Remarkable
12:30p Peace Studies
1:00p Colour In Your Life

1:30p Your City
2:00p Out and About
3:00p Callings
4:00p Campus Connection
4:30p Billings Cultural Partners
5:00p Trinity Lutheran
6:00p Wine Country
6:30p Earthnet
7:00p Our Montana
7:30p The Library Show
8:00p City Council
WEDNESDAY, October 21st
8:30a Millers Gold
9:30a Perils for Pedestrians
10:00a Doggie Dilemma’s
11:30a Colour In Your Life
12:00p Montana Blue
1:00p Crucible Of Change
2:00p Your City
3:00p The Garage
3:30p Train Time
4:00p Live Here! Give Here
4:30p Our Montana
5:30p Quest For Truth
6:00p Callings
6:30p Billings Cultural Partners
7:00p Grace and Truth
7:30p St. Vincent Health Series
8:30p Building Remarkable
9:00p Vintage Vehicles
9:30p County Commissioners
10:00p Live Here Give Here
THURSDAY, October 22nd
8:00a Montana Heritage Tour
8:30a Miller’s Gold
9:30a Campus Connection
10:00a Building Remarkable
10:30a Our Montana
11:00a SD2 School Board
4:00p Billings Cultural Partners
5:00p Live Here Give Here
6:30p Peace Studies
7:00p Your City
7:30p Callings
8:00p The Library Show
8:30p Building Remarkable
9:00p City Council
FRIDAY, October 23rd
8:00a Montana Heritage Tour

8:30a Colour in Your Life
9:00a Perils For Pedestrians
10:00a County Commission
11:30a Our Montana
12:00p Your City
1:00p City Council
5:00p Western Heritage Ctr
6:00p Building Remarkable
6:30p Peace Studies
7:00p Your City
7:30p Billings Cultural Partners
8:00p Major Miller Show
9:30p Vintage Vehicles
10:00p Major Miller Show
SATURDAY, October 24th
7:00a Western Heritage
8:00a Quest For Truth
9:00a Backroads of Montana
9:30a Hebrew Roots
11:30a Your City
12:30p Our Montana
1:00p County Commissioners
2:00p Train Time
2:30p Callings
3:00p Life’s Highway
4:00p Western Heritage Ctr
5:00p The Garage
6:00p Campus Connection
6:30p Peace Studies
7:00p So Tx Conjunto Music
7:30p Backroads of Montana
8:00p Your City
8:00p Our Montana
9:00p Building Remarkable
9:30p Vintage Vehicles
10:00p Miller’s Gold

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