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. 281-5077 Billings Community Cable Channels 7 & 8 SUNDAY, March 19th 7:00a Grace and Truth 8:00a Trinity Lutheran 9:00a Peace Lutheran 9:30a St. Lukes Episcopal 10:30a Salvation Army Service 11:00a Colour In Your Life 11:30a Our Montana 12:30p Everlasting Covenant Congregation 2:00p Vintage Vehicles 2:30p Train Time 3:00p Eckankar 3:30p So. Texas Conjunto 4:00p Last Best Constitution 5:30p What’s Your St. John’s 6:00p Peace Lutheran Church 7:00p Building Remarkable 7:30p Salvation Army Service 8:00p Speaker Presentation 9:00p City Council MONDAY, March 20th 8:30a Miller’s Gold 9:30a Public Safety-Fire 10:30a Spotlight On The Arts 11:00a Building Remarkable 12:00p Living Well In Montana 12:30p Gardening Tips 1:00p What’s Your St. Johns 1:30p The Library Show 2:00p Vintage Vehicles 2:30p NAMI- Billings 3:00p Out and About 3:30p Train Time 4:00p Hat’s Off To Ranchers 5:30p SD2 Board Meeting TUESDAY, March 21st 8:30a Colour in Your Life 9:30a County Commissioners 10:30a The WoodWhisperer 11:30p Public Safety Police 12:00p Author Presentation 2:00p NAMI 2:30p Spotlight On The Arts 3:00p LIving Well In MT 3:30p St. John’s United 5:00p Trinity Lutheran Church 7:00p BIg Sky Sounds 7:30p What’s Your St. John’s 8:00pm City Council-Replay WEDNESDAY, March 22nd 8:30a Millers Gold 10:00a Big Sky Sounds 10:30a Public Safety 11:30a Author Presentation 12:30p Your Downtown 1:00p As Seen thorugh a reporters eyes- Chuck Johnson 2:00p Last Best Constituion 3:30p Train Show 4:00p Our Montana 4:30p Nami- Billings 5:30p Quest For Truth 6:00p Special Billings History 6:30p Spotlight On The Arts 7:00p Grace and Truth 7:30p Living Well In Montana 8:00p The Library Show 8:30p What’s Your St.Johns Story 9:00p Vintage Vehicles 9:30p County Commissioners 10:30p EarthNet THURSDAY, March 23rd 8:00a Living Well in Montana . 8:30a Colour In Your LIfe 9:00a NAMI Billings 9:30a Seen through a Reporters Eyes - Chuck Johnson 10:30a Our Montana 11:00p City Council 3:00p Building Remarkable 3:30p Out and About 4:30p Spotlight on The Arts 5:00p Library Show 5:30p DUI Taskforce 6:00p St. John’s Story 6:30p Out and About 7:00p Big Sky Sounds 7:30p Our Montana 8:00p Your Downtown 8:30p Building Remarkable 9:00p City Council FRIDAY, March 24th 8:00a Colour In Your Life 9:30a The Library Show 10:00a County Commisioners 10:30a DUI Taskforce 11:30a Western Heritage Ctr 1:00p City Council 5:00p NAMI Billings 5:30p Western Heritage Ctr 6:30p Big Sky Sounds 7:00p DUI Taskforce 7:30p What’s Your St.Johns Story 8:00p Major Miller Show 9:00p Living Well In Montana 9:30p Vintage Vehicles 10:00p Major Miller Show SATURDAY, March 25th 7:00a Western Heritage Center 8:00a Quest For Truth 8:30a The Library Show 9:30a Hebrew Roots 11:00a Living Well In Montana 11:30a NAMI Billings 12:00p County Commissioners 12:30p Out and About 1:00p Big Sky Sounds 2:00p Gardening Tips 2:30p The Naked Garden 3:30p So. Texas Conjunto 4:00p Western Heritage Ctr 5:00p Author Presentation 6:30p Building Remarkable 7:00p Last Best Constitution 8:00p What’s Your St. John’s Story 8:30p DUI Taskforce 9:00p Big Sky Sounds 9:30p Vintage Vehicles 10:00p Millers Gold HIGHLIGHTS Seen Through A Reporters Eyes WE STREAM LIVEON WWW.COMM7TV.COM