Details for Julianos Restaurant - Ad from 2019-10-18

October Menu Starters Oktoberfest Beer and Cheddar Soup Bayern Oktoberfest Beer with Cream Fraiche and Spicy Popcorn Sliced Octopus on Potato Cakes With Tomato, Green Chili and Smoked Paprika Crema on Fried Potato Cakes Fried Breaded Okra and Smoked Salmon Alder Smoked Salmon Crumbled over Fried Okra with Caper Aioli Calamari and Edamame Fried Rice Topped with Chinese BBQ Maple Bacon and Eggflower Dashi Pan Fried Crawf i sh Cakes On Spicy Pear Salsa and Feta Aioli Crispy Skin Duck in Mandarin Pancake Wrap With Hoi Sin Smear, Julienned Mango, Scallions, Carrot and Pickled Garlic Goat Cheese Mousse on Grilled Pears Balsamic Honey Drizzle and Herb Batons Steamed Clams with Andouille Sausage Fresh Tomatoes and Garlic and Onions 2912 7th Ave. N. • 248-6400

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