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“I really want to thank the doctors and the nurses and the staff from Billings Clinic and Billings Clinic Miles City. I was so impressed with the care they gave me and I knew I was in great hands. I’m so thankful they do what they do and they have so much compassion.” - Tina, Colstrip MT Be a Fighter Fitting for a dental hygienist, Tina Mauer has a smile that shines. She’s the kind of person who stops a stranger in the grocery store just to ask how they are doing with their own cancer treatment, making life-long connections through support and encouragement. With her significant other, Jim, and her dog, Jax, by her side she faced four surgeries, five months of chemotherapy and twenty-five radiation treatments like a fighter. She continued to work at dental clinics in both Colstrip and Baker. We care where you are. Right in the middle of the map for Tina’s busy life, is Billings Clinic Miles City where she was able to receive her infusion treatments closer to home. Across Montana and Wyoming, Billings Clinic helps patients stay in the fight. Learn more about Tina’s story at

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