Details for Velum Skin and Laser Center - Ad from 2020-01-12

+add ons 3 Steps, 30 Minutes to Thoroughly Amazing Skin Hydrafacial is an incredible, non-invasive treatment that detoxifies, nourishes and protects leaving skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. Now, experience even greater results with Hydrafacial serum add ons Hydrafacial with CTGFTM – Uses advanced growth factor technology to deliver firmer skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrafacial with DermaBuilderTM – Contains an advanced multi-peptide complex to strengthen and firm skin. Hydrafacial with Britenol® – Rapidly and effectively diminishes the appearance of brown spots, sun spots & hyperpigmentation. VISIT VELUMSKIN.COM FOR DETAILS CALL ERIN TODAY FOR A PRIVATE, COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION SPECIAL limited time offer w/ Add-ons NON-INVASIVE • DETOXIFIES & REJUVENATES • Britenol® for radiant skin • DermaBuilderTM for lines • CTGFTM natural proteins PROTECTS • IMMEDIATE RESULTS + 20 UNITS OF TOP 20 IN THE NATION F O R T H E A DVA N C E M E N T I N S K I N R E J U V E N AT I O N DR. COOK IS THE ONL ONLY PERSON AT VELUM WHO PERFORMS LASER PROCEDURES. LOOK RADIANT, FEEL CONFIDENT. TRUST YOUR SKIN TO DR. COOK. 406.656.1244 178 S 32ND ST W I SUITE 3 B I L L I N G S , M T VELUMSKIN.COM I 59102 360 $

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