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Personal Sound Amplifiers offer an affordable way to TURN UP THE VOLUME • Hear normal sounds with clarity 30 DAY 100% TRY OUR NEW PERSONAL SOUND AMPLIFIERS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE • For recreational, social and business use • Discreet, comfortable and simple to use • One size fits all • Easy to wear and maintain IN THE EAR • Adjustable volume settings $375 each Helping you hear what matters most 245-6893 • 800-227-3181 1101 N. 27th St. • Billings, MT 59101 Open Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm BEHIND THE EAR $425 each IN THE EAR CANAL $250 each No testing is required. No appointment is needed. Stop in and pick up your PSAP – Personal Sound Amplifier Product. FREE HEARING SCREEN! Call 245-6893 to schedule a free hearing screen from Brandy Dillon, Montana Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser.

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