Details for Let us make your home beautiful both inside and outside! Our Internal and External painting professionals are ready to assist you. Call Painters Inc for free estimates at 406-208-1267!

Let us help you put a fresh coat of paint to that new investment!

Here are the services we provide:

  • Application of a full-bodied latex primer to all newly-textured walls. 
  • Protection of all windows and adjacent unpainted surfaces from possible overspray. 
  • Caulk all cracks in walls, ceilings and wood work.
  • Spackle or putty all small/medium sized holes and fissures. 
  • Oil primer applied to allnew/raw wood work, crown molidn, doors/door casings, baseboards and window casings. 
  • Application of two quality finish coats.


Painters Incorporated

Serving Billings and the Surrounding Areas


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