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Weird Herb Shocks Doctors
With Relief of Leg and Feet Pain,
Burning, Tingling, Numbness
6 clinical studies show it is effective. Lost but now re-discovered.
Thousands of new users report amazing relief from leg and
feet problems in just 30 to 90 days – with no side effects.
Available in all 50 states without a prescription.
By Michael Plane —
National Health Press

A re-discovery from
the 1600s is causing
a frenzy within the
medical system. A
weird herb has been
shown in six clinical
studies (and by thousands of users) to be
very effective for leg
and feet pain, burning and numbness –
with no side effects –
at low cost – and with
no doctor visit or prescription needed.
This weird herb
comes from a 12-foot
tall tree that grows
in Greece and other
countries in Europe.
In the old days, people noticed that when
their horses who had
leg and feet problems
ate this herb – it was
almost like magic
how quickly their
problems got much
better. They called
it the “horse herb”.
Then somehow with
wars, this herbal secret got lost in time.
“It works for people
who’ve tried many
other treatments before with little or no
success. Other doctors and I are shocked
at how effective it is.
It has created a lot of
excitement” says Dr.
Ryan Shelton, M.D.
Its active ingredient
has been put into pill
form and improved.
It is being offered in
the United States under the brand name
Researchers have
found an herb originally from Greece
that has been shown
in six placebo-controlled medical studies (543 participants)
to be effective and
This natural
compound strengthens blood vessel
walls and reduces
swelling to stop the
pain and suffering.
Poor blood �low in
the legs and feet is
one of the common
problems that develops as we age. Millions of Americans
suffer from neuropathy and chronic venous
(CVI), edema, and
other leg/feet problems – millions have
these but are undiagnosed.
Today’s treatments
don’t work for a high
percentage of people – and they have
side effects that make
them hard to tolerate
or that people do not
want to risk. This includes prescription
drugs, over the counter pain pills, surgery
and compression.
Already popular in
Europe, this natural
herb is taking America by storm since it
was announced last
Here’s why you
have pain now: Your
arteries have weakened. Your arteries
can’t carry enough
blood, nutrients and
oxygen down to your

Greece in the 1600s, this herb was originally called “horse
herb” because it was fed to horses with ailing legs. It has now
been re-discovered and is giving soothing comfort to Americans
who have leg and feet pain, burning, tingling and numbness.

legs and feet. This
damages your nerves
and causes your
burning, tingling and
The herbs in the pill
NeuroFlo strengthen your arteries that
carry blood, nutrients and oxygen to
your feet and legs. It
improves your circulation so oxygenated blood goes to the
nerves and repairs
them. This makes
your nerves grow
stronger so your pain
fades away and your
legs and feet feel
much younger again.
Until now, scientists could not combine these herbs into
one pill without losing their full potency,
but �inally, they have
Katerina King from
Murrieta, California
says, “I had hands
and feet tingling and
snapping and burning feeling. It made
my life very uncomfortable. I had a hard
time walking, my legs
felt like they each
weighed 50 pounds.
Once I got in my car
and my feet felt so
heavy I couldn’t even
drive the car. With
Neuro�lo I have no
more tingling, cold
or burning painful
legs and feet. It went
“Now I �inally have
a natural solution I
can recommend to
my patients who suffer from leg and feet
problems and pain.
I’m delighted because
previous treatments
were not effective,
but NeuroFlo has
worked for every one
of my patients with
no side effects” says
Dr. Eric Wood, N.D.

Dr. Ryan Shelton,
M.D. says “This is
new and different.
It works for people
who’ve tried many
other things before.
It is natural with no
side effects.
give up hope for your
leg and feet pain,
burning, tingling and
numbing. This pill is
working for countless people after other treatments have

failed them. I highly
recommend it.”
“NeuroFlo is a terri�ic choice for people with leg and feet
issues. The clinical
trials in support of
this herb show it is
very effective for safe
and fast relief,” said
Dr. Wood, a Harvard
trained doctor who
has appeared on
award winning TV
Now you can get a
good night’s sleep peaceful, restful sleep
– with no pain, tingling, zinging, itching
or zapping. Improve
your balance and coordination. No side
effects – safe to take
with other medications. Enjoy your favorite activities and
hobbies again. Be
more active, have
more fun, enjoy life
more. Don’t risk irreversible damage to
your feet and hands.
Don’t get worse and
wind up in the hospital or a nursing home.
Neuro�lo is GUARANTEED to work for
you – or you will get
full refund with a 90day
money-back guarantee. It is NOT sold in
stores or online. No
prescription or doctor visit is required.
This is the of�icial
nationwide release of
NeuroFlo in the United States. And so, the
company is offering a
special discount supply to anyone who
calls within the next
48 hours.
A Regional Order
Hotline has been set
up for local readers to
call. This gives everyone an equal chance
to try NeuroFlo.
Starting at 7:00 am
today, the order hotline will be open for
48 hours.
All you have to do
is call TOLL-FREE
and provide the operator with the special
code: NEF158. The
company will do the
to NeuroFlo’s recent
media exposure on
NEWS, phone lines
are often busy. If
you call, and do not
through, please be
patient and call back.
Those who miss the
48-hour special discount offer must pay
more for NeuroFlo.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results based upon averages. Models are used in all photos to protect privacy.


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