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Weird Seed Shocks
Doctors by Lowering Blood
Pressure and Cholesterol
Levels 44% in Study
Average Person Also Lost 24 Pounds in 8 Weeks
with No Change in Diet or Exercise
By Michael Plane
Health Sciences Press
A recent study published in Functional
Foods in Health is taking the heart health
�ield by storm. A
weird seed from the
tiny nation of West
Cameroon could be
Mother Nature’s best
solution ever for people who want to naturally lower their blood
pressure, cholesterol
level or body weight.
Dr. Eric N. Wood, N.D.
a frequent guest on
NEWS and PBS says,
“This delicious seed
has been eaten by
tribes since the 14th
Century. They call it
“the sweet healer”.
The Western world
�irst discovered and
began using it in 1816.
Only recently have
studies been done on
it because of modern
nutrient analysis.”
Scientists in Asia conducted a clinical trial
on 297 people. They
gave half the people this seed extract
and half the people
a placebo twice daily before meals. Both
groups were instructed NOT to change
their diet or exercise.
The results shocked
even the researchers:”
Total cholesterol
decreased by 44%.
LDL cholesterol was
reduced 49% and
triglycerides were
reduced 69.5%. The
“good” type of cholesterol, HDL, increased
an average of 55.5%
after 8 weeks.
Blood pressure, both
systolic and diastolic,
which were elevated
at the beginning of the
study, were reduced to
near normal level of
Fasting blood sugar
levels decreased by
27.7% while insulin
levels dropped 10.4%
after 8 weeks compared to the placebo
Weight loss: The average person lost 12.2
pounds after 4 weeks
and 24.5 pounds at
the end of the 8-week
study. The people
also saw a signi�icant
reduction in body
fat at 4 and 8 weeks
(5.6%, 11.3%), waist
size (2.5”, 4.2”), and
hip size (1.75”, 3.5”).
Many people commented they noticed
a large reduction in
fat in their abdomen
(stomach) area. That’s
equal to 3 pants sizes
for men … and 4 dress
sizes for women lost.

“When I saw these
study results from
a natural product,
I immediately rec-

Heart Breakthrough: U.S. doctors now recommending new
oral spray derived from weird seed –lowers blood pressure and
cholesterol safe and fast.

ommended it to my
patients. And every
single one of my patients has gotten excellent blood test results from this with
no side effects. It
is very effective for
blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar,
and weight loss,” reports Dr. Wood, who
has been interviewed
and PBS and is the author of three books.
The seed extract is
now available to the
public in the form of
an oral spray under
the name CELLTRIM
You press down the
button to spray the
mist into your mouth
before each meal. It
has a light pleasant
mint taste. That’s all
you have to do.

my patients and my
own personal experience of using it”, said
Dr. Holly Marcelle,
who has appeared on
award winning TV
shows like The Doctors, and PBS’ Healing
“This spray works
quite different than
other products, so
people who have tried
other products before
can �inally �ind success with this. One
couple who had tried
everything before
without success each
lowered their blood
pressure and cholesterol substantially and
lost over 45 pounds
and have kept it off”
remarked Dr. Wood.
It is NOT sold in
stores or online.
The main nutrient
is Dyglomera™. It is
There are no stimulants or dangerous
chemicals. No side
effects or interactions
with medications have
been reported.

The main nutrient in CELLTRIM
Spray has U.S. Patent
#8,361,523. It contains polyphenols that
help enhance insulin
sensitivity. This allows more blood sugar to be used for energy and less converted
to fat. This completely
reverses the metabolic syndrome cycle now
occurring. The result
is your blood sugar,
cholesterol levels,
blood pressure and
body weight drop almost immediately.
CELLTRIM spray uses
the breakthrough NutraMist Delivery System. The spray is INSTANTLY ABSORBED
into your body. The
tiny molecules bypass
the digestive tract
and enter your bloodstream … compare
this to a supplement
pill, where much of
an ingredient is NOT
absorbed due to the
digestive process.
“CELLTRIM Spray is
the right choice for
individuals who want
to lower their blood
pressure or cholesterol levels or who
are overweight. The
test results show this
supplement works,
as do the results of

work great for you –
with a 90-day unconditional money-back
guarantee. It is NOT
sold in stores or online. No prescription
or doctor visit is required.
This is the of�icial release announcement
of CELLTRIM Spray.
A Regional Order Hotline has been set up
for local readers to
call. This gives everyone an equal chance to
try CELLTRIM Spray.
Starting at 7:00 am
today, the order hotline will be open for
only 48-hours for this
special offer.
All you have to do is
1-888-290-7712 and
provide the operator
with the special discount approval code:
Important: Due to
CELLTRIM Spray’s recent media exposure
on ABC, CBS, and FOX
NEWS, phone lines are
often busy. If you call
and do not get through
immediately, please be
patient and call back.
Those who miss the
48-hour special discount offer must pay
more for CELLTRIM

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent
any disease. Results based upon averages. Models are used in all photos to protect privacy


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