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• Improve skin tone • Strengthen nails
• Clear up poison ivy and ringworm • Sooth
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You’ll also learn to make money-saving
remedies to get rid of ants and rodents around
the house, as well as useful garden tricks that
help keep plants healthy and free of pests.
What’s more, The Big Book of Vinegar,
Honey & Garlic also reveals: • Easy-to-make
beauty preparations for hair and skin
including a wrinkle smoother that really
works • Loads of delicious recipes using
these health-giving super foods • Tons of
moneysaving cleaning compounds to keep
your home, car and clothing sparkling.
The fact is, The Big Book of Vinegar, Honey
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Vinegar, Honey and Garlic a Drugstore in your Kitchen
Eliminate Belly Fat with Vinegar! Find out how...
Honey Can Be Used for WHAT?
Garlic, Better than Prescription Drugs?


e know that ancient civilizations
relied on their healing power for
a wide variety of ailments. In
fact, honey was so prized by the Romans
for it’s medicinal properties that it was
used instead of gold to pay taxes. Egyptian
doctors believed garlic was the ultimate
cure-all. And vinegar has been used for
everything from arthritis to obesity for over
7,000 years.
Today doctors hail the healing abilities of
vinegar, honey and garlic as much more than
folklore. Hundreds of scientific studies have
been done on this dream team of healers. The
results are conclusive on their amazing power
to help prevent and treat many common health
Studies show that this trio from nature’s
pharmacy can produce some pretty astounding
results. Best selling author Ms. Thacker brings
her unique wisdom, experience and down-home
flavor to this complete encyclopedia of home
remedies and tonics. She carefully describes
how to use honey, garlic and vinegar by themselves and in unique combinations to treat a
wide variety of ailments.
Vinegar has been documented as a remarkably powerful tonic that helps ensure strength,

power and vibrant life... from the Bible to
Cleopatra to the fierce Samurai warriors of Japan.
The Big Book of Vinegar, Honey & Garlic
will amaze you with its over 1,000 natural
remedies, secrets, tonics and cure-alls for a
healthier, happier life. You’ll get easy recipes
that mix vinegar with other common household items to help: • Calm an upset stomach
• Ease leg cramps • Soothe sprained muscles
• Control appetite to lose weight • Relieve
coughs • Banish nausea • Arthritis pain • Make
hiccups disappear • Cool a sunburn • Boost
memory • Reduce sore throat pain • Relieve
itchy skin • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol • Help eliminate bladder infections
• Chase away a cold • Treat burns • Reduce
infection • Aid digestion • Improve memory
• Soothe sore feet • Treat blemishes & age
spots • Remove corns & calluses • Replace
many household cleaners.
And that’s just the beginning of the over 1,000
new and improved hints and tips that you’ll get.
It’s true, and The Big Book of Vinegar,
Honey & Garlic also shows consumers how
to take advantage of the many amazing home
remedies using honey that help: • Ease arthritis
and joint pain • Improve your digestion
• Relieve leg cramps • Boost your immune

system • Relieve allergies and hay fever
• Calm asthma • Help cuts and wounds
heal faster • Clear up your complexion
• Heal bug bites and boils • Soothe kitchen
burns and sunburns • Sleep better • Ease
night time leg cramps • Kill toenail fungus
• Smooth wrinkles • Moisturize dry skin
• Fight cold sores • Improve hair texture and
body • Kill parasites • Relieve coughs, colds,
sore throats.
Roman generals relied on garlic to help
keep their soldiers healthy and prevent fatigue.
And Egyptian doctors believed garlic was the
ultimate cure-all.
Nowadays, modern medical science has
published 125 scientific papers detailing the
remarkable healing abilities of garlic.
Medical research also shows that garlic can
help reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol,
improve circulation and lower blood sugar levels.
The Big Book of Vinegar, Honey & Garlic
shows you how garlic home remedies can help
treat: • Asthma • Constipation and diarrhea
• Earaches, Headaches • Athletes foot, corns
and calluses • Help lower your blood pressure and improve artery health • Help you
sleep the whole night • Shrink hemorrhoids

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